Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Excerpts from "The Devil's Breath Secret Circle"

"What seemed like a split second, 
my husband dove across our bed at me and into my face; 
I still don’t know how anyone could move that fast from a lying down, on their side position to scaling across a king size bed and onto their feet without losing their balance or at least stumbling around." 


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Being that I was within only inches of the bedroom door, that meant that I was also wedged between the closed door and a 1920’s large bedroom vanity that was my grandmothers and I had no ability to go anywhere or move as I slammed up against the door from fear. With a clenched fist an inch from my face and his body just as close, my husband said;
“Get the fuck out of my bedroom before you regret what I’ll do to you, get the Fuck out now or I’m going to kill you”

When he saw me cry, with a blank look as if something was missing or shut off in his brain and with eyes who’s soul had disappeared, he said;

“Yeah, cry now bitch, just get the Fuck out before I kill you!”, “I will kill you right here!”, “get out or I will do something to you that you’re going to regret!”


The pipe is past around one last time and you, having already taken several hits off the pipe don’t see anything wrong with taking one more hit, and so you do because in your mind, this uncomfortable situation will finally end.

The pipe is put away, and one thing leads to another and for approximately ten or fifteen minutes or so you find yourself conversing with these new people about what needs to be fixed in between some banter regarding the circles when you suddenly begin to feel a little odd.

Your new friends can see it in your face and they reassure you not to worry and that native American tobacco is a little stronger than commercial cigarettes and you notice the two men glance at each other and say something n a language that you don't recognize.

The odd feeling begins to over-come you and you know that something is terribly wrong but you don't want to panic or lead on that you are actually quite scared.


You leave the room and quickly grab your cell phone to call your wife to let her know where you are and what is going on, but she doesn’t answer. The answering machine goes off instead and in panic you decide to leave her a message so she will know where you are and what is happening to you, but when you try to talk, you can’t.

All that is coming out of your mouth is a mumbling of sort, no matter how hard you try to pronounce words. In your mind you know what you want to say, you know what you are trying to say, but it just won’t come out the way you want.

You know what you want to say but it just doesn't come out the way it is supposed to.

Pushing the button that speed dials you're home, you try again but again she doesn’t answer and you hang up before the answering machine goes off again.

Whatever is happening to you, it is happening rapidly and you're not sure what to do.

You then make another attempt to call your wife in the hope that she will answer and can help you or can get help for you, but the answering machine instead goes off again and you hang up but then feel someone grab your hand and they take your cell phone away from you.

With your head feeling as if it were weighed down, you slowly pick up your head to see who it is, but you can't see them very clear because your eye sight is extremely blurry now too and you feel yourself in motion, elicited by the two men who are pulling you forward but your arms and entire body feel extremely weighed down and immobile.

Your three new friends are now going to keep you under lock and key and watch as you go through a physical and emotional hell for the next four hours.

They will do nothing to help you except maybe tie you down so that you don't run away in a crazed mental frenzy, taring off your clothing when your body
temperature dangerously rises.

Unknown to you, in four hours you will physically feel much better but you will be in a drugged, and confused state yet you won't outwardly appear drugged. You will have no memory of smoking the pipe, you won't recognize that your new friends are actually “new” friends of yours, you will believe that you have all been friends for some time and you won't remember the four hour of hell that you went through.

Among us exists a circle. 

Within that circle exists a smaller, yet highly populated circle 

that serve to blanket the workings of an even deeper circle called the third ring.

Within the third ring exists those who have special knowledge;
a highly guarded secret and sinister use for Devil's Breath 
among the unknowing and unsuspecting.


    How unfortunate the things that you will never know:

You don't know and you will never know that they are going to keep re-dosing you to keep you drugged without anyone knowing for as long as it takes them to gain complete control of your mind and your life.

The memories that you had of your wife, your marriage, your life and your family that you had on the day that you entered the building to fix the issue, are being stripped away from you and you will never get them back.

What you know now of your family and what you know now as your life will never be the same for you or for your family.

You won't remember that life, you will never have the ability to realize what happened to you once they are done and there is nothing at all that you can do now to stop them.

Absolutely nothing.


Monday, September 11, 2017

Those who dwell among the Devil's Breath Secret Circle

The Devil’s Breath Secret Circle …

Ahhh, yes, three circles are alive and together today doing the evil they do, many in your community and you don't even know about it.

Yet its true.

Among us exists a circle, and within that circle exists a smaller, yet highly populated circle that serve to blanket the workings of an even deeper circle called the third ring.

Within the third ring exists those who have special knowledge; a highly guarded secret and sinister use for Devil's Breath among the unknowing and unsuspecting.

Sound a little cryptic? Well, there is a point to this                                             

People often ask me “How do you know so much about Devil's Breath?”

My response is usually; “You don't need to know how I know, you only need to know that it does in fact exist and how to protect yourself and your family from the people who target people like you to use Devil's Breath on.”

Quite frankly, what you choose to believe is your decision.

But I will not tell you how I know so much about Devil's Breath.

I choose to write books about Devil's Breath because it is the most notorious and sinister drug in the world, without question, and you are here because Devil's Breath interests you to a degree and you want to know more about it.

When you click on the pages of my blog, each page does in fact provide information about Devil's Breath, and other pages that provide some details about How Devil's Breath powder works.     

This gets interesting ...  

Well, not too long ago I was given some information, names, documentation, court records, face book postings and such all in regard to Devil's Breath and I didn't know what the hell to do with it all. It literally sat in my stone wall covered office in a large brown box on top of an old printer that realistically should be thrown away or discarded somehow. 

I get so absorbed with what I write and the meetings I have that I had but all forgotten about that brown box and what I now view as the “gold” it contained.

I spend countless hours trying to convince people through my writing and through my words, the reality and seriousness of Devil's Breath and I'm never satisfied with how I communicate the information. I endlessly find myself disappointed in how I present things and how after the fact, a better way always dawns on me that seems so simplistic when it does and makes me question how I didn't think of it at the time.

So, it occurred to me not that long ago; to take all of the information that the brown box contained; court docs, face book postings, screen shots, I took everything and combine it with more detail about how Devil's Breath powder genuinely works (including information that I have not yet published) among a lot of other factual information that includes those within the circle, and I'm publishing another book titled:

“The Devil's Breath Secret Circle and in detail … How Devil's Breath Powder works.”

This piece of work I did not come away from feeling disappointed with. I believe it is actually my best work yet and delivers what I have tried so hard to articulate; the secrecy, the truth, who it involves, how they do it and how they get away with it.

This book allows me the freedom to display the truth to you without
the secrecy that I live by a

“The Devil's Breath Secret Circle and in detail … How Devil's Breath Powder works”
will go on sale Thursday October 07, 2017 (due to a revision) for those of you who are interested and want to dig a lot deeper.

On Monday September 18, 2017 I will be posting excerpts and some screen shots that are contained in the book.  I do hope you come back at that point for some very good reading.