Friday, August 28, 2015

How are my own Angel's doing you ask? ... Angel's Trumpet

The newest addition to my collection are my new white, pink and peach little 
Angel's Trumpets ...

New Peach Angels Trumpet 
The adult's, peach Angel's Trumpet

To see how these little Angels are doing today, read below.
Angel's trumpet is a heat-loving tropical shrub  In cold-winter regions, you can grow it in a container and take it indoors over winter or simply treat it as an exotic, amazing annual. It grows in moist, well-drained soil.

New Pink Angel
Pink adult

These beautiful fragrant plants open up after dark and often remain open until the sunlight hits them the next morning.

The perfume that the flowers release is an extremely sweet, intoxicating scent. These plants will bloom year round if given the proper care.

Remember, Angel's Trumpet (Brugmansia) is of a dark and powerful flower, a deadly and poisonous plant which is at the same time one of the oldest healing herbs.

New White Angel
White angels

The sweet and distinctly erotic fragrance of this night-blooming plant, with its beautiful large flowers and its deep green 6-inch leaves and seeds found in their wlanut shaped spiney pods, are highly hallucinogenic, or more precisely; a very potent deliriant.

Despite that they are so beautiful in appearance, Angel's Trumpet plants contain lethal levels of poison, namely tropane alkaloids atropine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine.

These active deliriants usually produce deep confusional states in which a person 
loses the ability to tell reality from fantasy, expresses bizarre or violent behavior and experiences elevated body temperature and heart rates, very painful photophobia and a Loss of memory, coma and death.

Among other darker stories, Angel's Trumpet was also one of the ingredients of witches’ flying ointment—an hallucinogenic balm used by witches, consisting of a fatty base and a blend of various herbal extracts. 

The ointment was poisonous when ingested but it was absorbed more slowly into the body if applied on the skin. With the help of the mixture, the witches were able to fly to the Sabbath on their broomsticks, to attend the occultists’ meetings at midnight.

Its actually where the idea of witches flying on a broom originated.

After only a few weeks, my newest Angels are doing great!

Before                                                           After a few weeks 

My newest White Angel Trumpet
My newest White Angel is nice and healthy

Before                                                        After a few weeks 

My newest Peach Angel 
My newest Peach Angel is quite healthy

Before                                                       After a few weeks 

My newest Pink Angel 
My newest Pink Angel is nice and healthy too!

Pictures of my newest Belladonna plants:

Before                                                                       After 2 and 1/2 weeks 

After planting 100 seeds
The first Baby Bella of this batch has been born


4 weeks after planting
More baby Bella's growing

More on Atropa Belladonna here 

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Do not underestimate these plants while keeping them and or working with them.

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