Monday, August 31, 2015

You don't believe the criminal and horror stories about Scopolamine and Devils Breath? Educate yourself.

Nothing annoys me more than to watch videos or to read comments made by people who claim that the horror stories about scopolamine (Devil's Breath) are
“blown out of proportion, far-fetched or that they are not possible."

Would someone please provide me with the information that these people have that supports the idea that the nasty effects and horror stories about scopolamine aren’t true or that they are not possible?

What facts are these people basing their information on?

When I read these things, I think of someone having a minor cut and stating; 
“don’t worry, my skin will heal itself” and an ignorant person saying; “that’s not possible” 
and only because the ignorant person isn't familiar with and does not know how the process of healing, works with the body. 

Well, it’s the same with Scopolamine and you'll learn how in a minute.

The example above with a cut may have been a poor example, but you get the point.
If you don’t know how it works or how it effects the brain, then why make an ignorant comment and misguide people?

It would be far better if those people said; "I don't want to believe that a drug like that exists".

If I told you there was a drug that could take away your pain, even the most severe pain, would you believe me? 

If I told you there was a drug that could knock you out, would you believe me?

Of course you would, because you know they exist, but let me understand this …

You don’t believe there is a drug that could eliminate your free – will, erase your memory, that would make you comply with demands and all without you’re knowledge?

Maybe it’s the way its worded:

Eliminate free-will, erase your memories, makes you compliant, while you have no knowledge

Sounds kind of science fictioness huh?

How about this, 

Lets re-word these things a little;

* Don’t realize what you’re doing

* Don’t remember what you did

* Easily willing and coerced to do things you normally wouldn’t do

* While you are not aware

Sounds a little more believable right?

Let’s see, drinking lots of alcohol could cause the first three, and possibly the fourth and anesthesia would definitely cause the fourth.

But allegedly … the drug scopolamine can’t? (You'll read how it can in a minute)

For the most part, we don’t know or even pay attention to how alcohol or anesthesia does what it does, but we know it does because we or someone we know have experienced it first hand and we see it when we watch drunk people, when they get arrested for doing something they would not normally do, or when we interact with people getting ready for surgery or when they come out stating:

"I don't remember, time seemed suspended."

However, scopolamine does three additional things that alcohol and anesthesia do not do; unlike alcohol and anesthesia which leaves your system within hours, scopolamine takes days, causes delirium and while you look “normal” (well, for the most part and hours after the initial drugging)

We also know that alcohol can and does kill brain cells over-time, scopolamine however has the ability to cause greater brain damage, and much quicker. 

If you don’t know the chemistry of or how the majority of people suffer delirium (it has to do with the cholinergic system), then don’t speculate that scopolamine can’t induce delirium or psychosis, remove your free-will, or that you can't appear perfectly normal outwardly while drugged with it.

BTW the "loss of free-will" is true and it also concerns the Cholinergic system, Acetycholine memory loss and confabulation (more on that here)

So this post is basically to de-bunk the debunkers and to provide some education.

Another interesting note I'd like to add is that most news stories you hear or read often confuse the idea that the plants that scopolamine are from, come from Colombia or Haiti.

Like this one

However, scopolamine is simply known for being frequently used in Colombia for many, many years, but the plants themselves are widely grown and available in many other places besides Colombia.

For instance, I have entire collection of them, as well as other highly toxic plants and many different species of them, but I originally got the majority of them from Florida and Minnisota, not Colombia and certainly not from Haiti.

Where I am, its not illegal to grow them or to sell them for that matter, it is instead illegal to ingest and or eat them, which I think is the majority of the case in most states.

The reputation of scopolamine and its relation to Colombia also stem from historical stories like this one ...

"There is a town in Antioquia called Segovia (in Colombia), which has a reputation as a town where the women are witches, because they say that when they are attracted to a man he subsequently falls in love with them. But it's not really the case that they actually fall in love, it's more that the women look for a way to slip him a dose of borrachero (a tree that contains tropane alkaloids; scopolamine), so they lose their freewill and stay with them. The women continually give their lovers small doses of the plant, in their breakfast, coffee, drinks, so they remain with her forever." 

By today's standards, the witches of back in the day could actually present as a herbalist (but who may have malicious intent), medicine doctors, witch doctors, 
shamans (who may have malicious intent) etc.
Make no mistake, not unlike many traditional professions, in every walk of life and in any profession, there will always be some unethical people using their knowledge about something you know nothing about to take advantage of you.

So be aware.

Familiarize yourself with how Acetylcholine is used in your body, anti-chlonergenics and the Basal Forebrain and you will begin to understand how scopolamine can do what it does.

Provides detail & is easy to read and to understand 

If you are still not convinced that scopolamine can do all the evil things you may or may not have heard of, get a copy of my book which explains in detail what it does, how it does what it does and how its being insidiously used for crime in the U.S.