Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Scopolamine / Devils Breath ... The truth

No one wants to believe in its existence
but it is reality.

Devil's Breath is not used only in other countries and it is not restricted to the boundaries of Colombia.

It is here in the U.S. and its use for crimes is increasing quickly.
Scopolamine, Devils Breath; whatever you have heard it referred to as and its insidious evil capability, contrary to the stories that try and debunk it are true and it is unlikely that its use in crime would ever be definitively confirmed publicly, for reasons to lengthy to list here.
However I will say it, and its capabilities have been around for hundreds of years and there is very good reason why it is highly guarded knowledge and public ignorance of it are why people often try to debunk its existence … they are not educated about it.
I know first hand all about scopolamine, which is the main nasty tropane alkaloid in Devil's Breath.
Don’t ask how
I’ve seen what it can do, I've studied it for many years and the highly skilled criminals who implore its use.

I've studied the plants that it’s from, the cultures who use it traditionally and I have first hand, experience with it and its profound capability.

It’s become my forte’ in every sense of the phrase, and I have my reasons.
Again don't ask how or why

There is nothing on God’s earth that is capable of doing what Scopolamine / Devil's Breath does to a human being, and if you think or believe otherwise my dear friend you are doing yourself an injustice not to learn the truth about it to protect yourself and to protect your loved ones.

Its increasing use for crimes that you have already heard of and still other crimes you haven't, is why you will search for me, for my help in time, because there will be very few others who will be able to help.

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Where there is light, those who are dark shall not hide
~ T.J. Rothschild

How does "Devils Breath" powder really work?

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