Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How does Devils Breath "powder" work??

First, let me just say this; most people who want to sell their book will give you a little bit of information to hook you to get you to buy their book. Although I have written several books and want you to buy them, I feel that you should not need to buy the information from me to learn the truth about Devils Breath so that you can protect yourself and your family.     

Therefore, if after reading the information on this page you feel compelled and want further information, if you want details or more details, then I suggest you buy my books. I have some Links that are provided below

However, I am freely offering the “substance” to you on this page because it is information that you should know and it is likely that you won't  find it anywhere else for reasons too
in-depth to include here. In fact I know you will likely not find it anywhere else.

Please know, this information is not to be reproduced
my explicit written permission.

With all that said, grab yourself a coffee, a cup of tea, a cocktail or a beer or whatever fancies you, have a seat and read the truth about how “Devil’s Breath” works and its use to commit a new white collar crime in the U.S.

Everyone has this preconceived idea that "Devil’s Breath", once blown into your face works instantly, and I understand why with so many stories out there, anyone would be hard pressed to find the truth.  

To understand the truth, let’s first take a look at the number of ways that Devils Breath (Scopolamine) can be criminally administered:

* Through powder blown into your face
* Through ingesting from a pipe or cigarette                                

* Through a drink
* Through ointment
* Through injection

I'm not going to delve into Scopolamine patches or eye drops here.
I’m talking about the notorious, real "Devils Breath"

With the exception of administration through injection, Devils Breath takes approx.
15 – 25 minutes to take effect.

Devils Breath does not work instantly, despite common belief.
Scopolamine eyes

When Devil’s Breath begins to do its thing
(how it does it’s nasty thing in a moment)
the victim will experience horrific physical and mental effects to the point that some victims must be strapped down.

Nevertheless, due to this the victim is “useless” to the criminal for a fairly short period of time 

Also, due to the initial horrific effects, the criminal must remove the victim to seclusion rather quickly before they begin to experience those nasty effects and he must keep the victim in seclusion for 3 – 4 hours and for as long as the initial effects last so that when they subside, the victim’s mind can then be exploited.

You just read correctly:

The victim is not immediately rendered helpless.

The criminal’s "window of opportunity"

I'll say it again: despite the stories you've heard, Devil's Breath, although notorious, is not "instant" in that the victim immediately loses their free-will as soon as they are drugged

But … they eventually do (how in a moment)

After the 3 - 4 hour period the victim is completely confused and completely unaware that they are drugged but profoundly, they don’t outwardly “appear” drugged

Sounds crazy right? But yet its true.

The victim actually lacks the mental capacity to realize they are drugged and they will be in this “state” for up to 3 days and for some people a little longer 
because the body cannot break Scopolamine down to leave the body swiftly.

However note (and this is really sad for the victim)

Once the victim has been poisoned and realizes something is terribly wrong (which is only brief before their mind is basically scrambled) the victim can do absolutely
nothing before they are plummeted into hell. In fact the only saving grace here for the victim is that the duration of time from him actually knowing / realizing and feeling that something is terribly wrong to being completely scrambled is roughly 10 - 12 minutes, after that they have no clue what is going on and will not remember what they went through later and for that matter anything else that occurs over the next 2 or 3+ days.

Typically, it is when the victim is confused and unaware that the criminals exploit the victims mind and when you hear the stories of the victim handing over their possessions etc.

But this "New" U.S. White Collar Crime is by far worse ...

Scopolamine makes it impossible for the victim to remember anything when Devils Breath finally leaves their system. It has to do with the Basal Forebrain and the Cholinergic system.

So, pay attention to the following:

In skilled hands, Devils Breath (Scopolamine) is remarkable in its profound and permanent capability on the human brain and here’s why …

Devil’s Breath (Scopolamine) is an anti-cholinergic and when it is administered,
it blocks Acetycholine in the Basal Forebrain and other parts of the human cholinergic systems that the brain requires as humans to function at normal capacity and this my friend has unbelievable implications.

A quick note before I continue that really needs addressing here:

~ Studies done on cats, rats and other animals demonstrate that when you inject Scopolamine into the forebrain of these animals, Scopolamine literally provokes them
to kill (as it also does to humans in high doses - but you will never read that part).

So, when I tell you about the horrific initial effects in a human with high, criminal doses of Scopolamine, think of Rudy Eugene and his mental state and actions, because his actions and reactions to people were a prime example.

Remember I wrote earlier about people needing to be "strapped"  down?

But again, you will not read this anywhere else. 
Note: there is no toxicology test available to test for Scopolamine and most hospitals base
their diagnoses of anti-cholinergic poisoning (scopolamine) for the most part on presentation and 24 hour verbal history only and that information is usually provided by family members, not the patient.

Now read the next paragraph carefully:

If a highly skilled criminal (and believe me they do exist) were to administer Devils Breath to a victim only one time, that same highly skilled criminal, through using the incapacitated victim who is confused and unaware that they are drugged and do not outwardly appear drugged for up to 3+ days, during that time, could repeatedly administer Devils Breath to the same victim over and over again for less than a month and without anyone knowing, and they do it for a particular and profound reason …

It is this very particular and profound reason that is becoming more and more prominent in the U.S. at the hands of those “highly skilled” criminals who get away with it and they get away with it for a number of reasons:

1. Few people know or believe that Devils Breath exists
2. The people who do, don’t think it is being used in the U.S.
3. People don’t know about it to suspect it
4. The victim has no memory of being poisoned
5. There is no toxicology test in existence capable of finding it     

So, this is how the terribly unfortunate story
plays out for the victim …

The highly skilled criminals (they don’t work alone) “target” an individual who usually makes a substantial amount of money per year (don't kid yourself, substantial to them often means any amount over $80 - $90K)

The criminals will do everything in their power to “lure” their target in some way in an effort to befriend them, and they have very resourceful ways of doing this (trust me)

After the victim becomes a friend of sort or would otherwise have a normal or expected level of trust for the criminals whom he believes is a friend or associate, the criminals will at their first opportunity find a way to initially administer Devils Breath to the victim without the victim knowing it. This could be through a drink, a pipe of so-called "herbs", a cigarette etc.

How the "New" White Collar Crime happens and flawlessly:

Remember, the criminals need only 15 - 25 minutes to seclude their victim after admin of Scopolamine (in criminal doses) and a 3 – 4 hour window before they can manipulate the victim's mind. I will not go into what a criminal dose is here.

After the 3 - 4 hour window, the victim will undergo an additional 2 hours of what is called "implantation sessions". This occurs while the victim is confused and unaware that they are drugged.

It's quite ingenious from a criminal perspective actually.

In the beginning of this crime, the criminals will initially drug their victim, and within 15 - 25 minutes they will seclude the victim for 3 – 4 hours, then during the next 2 hour, then instead of using the victim to have the victim hand over his possessions as you commonly hear about, no, the criminals instead begin “implantation” sessions through suggestion which is easily done due to the victim's incapacitated mind.

Keep reading, its profound how this happens.

With serious suggestions made to the victim during "implantation sessions",
the victim who is still drugged (because Scopolamine doesn't leave the body efficiently), looks outwardly normal and is unaware they are drugged, will be allowed by the criminals to return to their normal life for a time.


The criminals continue to utilize the “state of mind” that the victim is left in and will stay in contact with the victim via cell phone and email (using a number of different cell phones and email addresses) and will, on the second or third day after being drugged, have the victim come back to them for re-dosing

~The victim will be re-dosed before the initial dose of
Devils Breath leaves the victims system

The victim will again go through the usual terrifying hell for 3 – 4 hours
(poor thing can’t remember what he went through the first time)
and so he has no problem going back to the criminals

And he will after the 15 - 25 min. stage and the 3- 4 hours stage ... again spend the next 2 hours in “implantation” sessions

Now what is happening here is that each time that the victim is drugged, in these high criminal doses, parts of the victim's memory is being permanently erased.

Through confabulation (see below) and suggestion (implantation sessions) made by the skilled criminals, “new” memories are filling in the gaps to the victim’s memory, but the victim is completely unaware of it.

The victim will go through this repeatedly for about 4 weeks.

During this time, as unbelievable as it sounds, the victim is entirely unaware of what is happening to him because he is constantly drugged and never allowed not to be drugged until the criminals meet their objective, yet does not outwardly appear drugged.

Keep reading it gets interesting.

As the days go by, the victim may outwardly and arbitrarily make statements that seem odd to those close to him, or he may begin to question things in his life that may seem ordinary or “a given” to those close to him
(this is the implantation of new memories and thoughts working)

The victim may exhibit some episodes of aggressive behavior or outbursts that doesn’t match his personality, or he may even have a couple of hallucinations witnessed by those close to him.

The victim will begin to defend his mind set, and will believe that those closest to him are intentionally trying to make him think he is crazy as if they have some ultimate motive
(this is because the criminals implant thoughts and memories that those closest to the victim cannot be trusted)

Eventually, through the implantation of false thoughts and memories, the victim will be completely turned against those who are closest to him.

The reason for this is so no one can help the victim or to stop what is about to happen and it happens surprisingly fast.

Now remember, these new thoughts and memories will be permanent and the victims true memory is being erased.

Through confabulation (see below), the victim will not only hold on tightly to his “new” memories and thoughts that were created through confabulation and implantation sessions, but he will also argue with stubbornness and diligence that “his” memories are his true memories and he will fight stringently to defend them.

Over the next two weeks or so, and as the victim’s personality is quickly changing, those closest to the victim, despite that they may think something may be wrong, the victim doesn’t look drugged and so those closest to him do not know what is going on and therefore they are at a huge disadvantage.

If they suspected what was happening or that the victim had been being drugged with
Devils Breath, at this point they could get medical help for the victim and the victim would likely return to normal.

Unfortunately, no one knows what is going on and so the victim will not get the help desperately needed, he will suffer permanent brain damage and his true memories will never be restored.

Through ongoing implantation sessions, the victim will then completely separate himself from those closest to him altogether and he will quickly begin to make financial and life changing decisions that will not make any sense to those closest to him.

The victim’s actions will be completely foreign to those closest to him and at this point even if they believed whole heartedly that something was terribly wrong with the victim, they can do nothing because the victim appears outwardly normal, he is making these very peculiar decisions “seemingly” of his own accord, and will fight diligently to protect
his reasons (unaware that he has been drugged and his mind manipulated)

The next thing that those closest to the victim witness is closed bank accounts, missing money, legal documents signed, wills, life insurance policies and the list goes on.

Those closest to the victim may even be taken to court by the victim, caught up there for months accused of taking the missing money among other things, all while the skilled criminals are lurking in the shadows unknown and unseen by everybody who do not know enough to suspect them or that the victim was poisoned with Devils Breath to gain the victim’s wealth.

This detailed book is written about one family of many in the U.S. who this happened to and who still suffer from the aftermath

Lastly, what makes all of this ten times worse is this:

If in the event the criminals even remotely suspect that they are close to being caught during the “process”, through the use of implantation and suggestion, they are able to get the victim to commit suicide very quickly before they are caught.

The death of the victim is sad and tormenting for family enough, but if the victim’s death is ruled a suicide (as happens) it’s a shut and closed case.

The criminals simply walk away and move onto the next victim.

If you are having a hard time wrapping your head around this and the fact that it is right now being used in the U.S., I suggest you now learn about a little known and highly guarded Native American Secret Medicine Society in the U.S, who are known for having the ability to “steal” the soul from individuals while still alive, so as to cause insanity or death. 

It is now known by a select few, that these highly feared Native American Medicine men were actually using Scopolamine taken from plants to accomplish what was perceived by very scared people as a “mystical” feat. More  

Is a memory disorder that may occur in patients who have sustained damage to both the 
basal forebrain and the frontal lobes. And i
s a disturbance of memory, defined as the production of fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted memories about oneself or the world, without the conscious intention to deceive. 
Individuals who confabulate present incorrect memories ranging from "subtle alterations to bizarre fabrications", 
and are generally very confident about their recollections, despite contradictory evidence

For more information or for more details:

The Truth about Scopolamine and Burundanga for crime and how the Poison eliminates the free-will 

Excerpt: “In skilled hands,
Scopolamine can in fact be used to quite literally
“strip” a human beings’ mind down so profoundly,
so that all that is left by and far are their basic animal instincts”

Excerpt: “I did not know or have any reason to think at that time
that I would never see or speak to my husband again as happens when a person dies."
  "My husband however, did not die”.

Secrets of the Midewiwin Unveiled: Ancient knowledge and the use of plants containing Scopolamine to steal the human soul 

Excerpt: Learn the secrets of a small group of Medicine men 
within the secret Grand Midewiwin Medicine Society and
their practice of stealing the soul of a human being while
still alive so as to cause him insanity or death and it’s
direct relation to “Devil’s Breath”.