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How does "Devils Breath" powder really work?

Get the details available in the book written by TJ Rothschild

Grab yourself a coffee, a cup of tea, a cocktail or whatever fancies you, have a seat and read the truth
 about how “Devil's Breath” powder works 
and how it is being used today to commit
a new “White Collar” crime in the U.S.

Most people have been led to believe that once blown into your face, Devil's Breath immediately renders a victim helpless. I understand this thought process which I personally blame on much misinformation and ignorance, but at the end of the day it is simply not true.

What is true about Devil's Breath is ...

It does plummet a person into a dream-like state, it does remove their free-will, it does leave a person highly open to suggestion while appearing perfectly normal and it absolutely incapacitates a victims mind. However, d
espite common belief, the notorious “Devils Breath” just doesn't do these nasty “things” to a person ... immediately.

Keep reading to find out how Devils Breath really works.

To begin to understand the truth, let's take a look at the several ways that Devils' Breath can be administered to a victim …  

Through powder blown into your face
Through unknowingly ingesting it from a pipe or cigarette
Through a drink
Through ointment
Through injection

I'm not going to delve into Scopolamine patches or eye drops here, I'm talking about real Devil's Breath in criminal doses.

OK so, with the exception of administration through injection, Devil's Breath takes approximately 15 - 25 minutes to begin to take effect.

In high, criminal doses, when Devil's Breath begins to do it's thing (how it does its nasty thing in a moment) the victim will experience horrific physical and mental effects to the point that some victims become wild and often very much like a highly aggressive animal so that some would need to be strapped down 

(Rudy Eugene and his zombie -like behavior is a great example here)

Or, let's make it simple:

Picture the behavior of one of the zombie- like characters from the movie "I am Legend".       

When I say "wild, and often very much like a highly aggressive animal" I'm not relaying that for dramatic purposes. Let me explain:

A victim is quickly plunged into an extremely frightening state. It is almost as if their actual "conscious" is severed while they are awake and they forget that they are a human being; there is nothing there and you can see it in their face.

On top of this, most times the victim cannot talk, all they can do is make noises because their vocal cords are paralyzed and many times they suffer a form of blindness (from minor to complete blindness ...for a time).

It is when the victim experiences what is described as "severing the conscious" that he should be strapped down because they also experience intense strength and high aggression ...for a time.

Lastly, the victim will begin taring off their clothes due to the extreme rise in body temperature.

There is an old saying that was used to describe the initial mental state of a victim:

"Red as a beet, hot as a hare and mad as a hatter".

Don't take it lightly, don't ever underestimate it.

Let me remind you it took 5 bullets to bring the growling man down, which terrified the officer who shot him

Quick note before going any further: "Scopolamine" (the critical Tropane Alkaloid in Devil's Breath) will provoke an animal or a human to viciously attack, with the intention "to kill", when Scopolamine is injected into the Basal fore- brain.
This is documented fact.                                                                           

With all of the above said, how is the common story of becoming immediately helpless and completely compliant directly after being poisoned with Devil's Breath in a bar or while walking in the street ...possible?

It isn't.

Whoever started that falsehood is confusing Devil's breath with Burundanga of which has a physically paralyzing chemical calle
Tetrodotoxin in combination with the same Tropane Alkaloids that are in Devil's Breath among other ingredients.

Devil's Breath and Burundanga are not the same despite containing some similar ingredients.

Perhaps in much smaller doses a victim could be knocked out as I've heard claimed (in rape situations) but doses used in these situations would have to be very small. 

More about Devil's Breath:

A criminal using Devil's Breath on a victim must actually be quite skilled, must be able to and prepared to seclude their victim for anywhere from 4 to 8 hours and must have a well thought out plan.

You will see why in a moment.

The truth is, due to the initial effects on the brain and body
after being poisoned with Devil's Breath, the victim must be removed to seclusion
fairly quickly before they begin to outwardly exhibit
the initial frightening and traumatic effects of Devil's Breath poisoning. 

So, its not like a victim is poisoned in a bar and together the victim and criminal hang out for a few hours in the bar while the criminal waits until the victim's mind is incapacitated, and then they leave to go empty the victim's bank account as you may have likely read somewhere.

Here's why: 
For the first 3 or 4 hours after a victim has been poisoned with Devil's Breath, the victim is actually quite useless to the criminal for 2 reasons:

Number 1.

After the first 15 - 25 minutes after the victim is poisoned with a criminal dose of Scopolamine he will begin to outwardly exhibit extravagant, outwardly frightening signs of poisoning.

(It would be frightening and disturbing to people watching)

This would be quite a sight for other people in the bar to see.
From the criminal's perspective, this means witnesses.

Number 2.

The victim's mind does not become completely pliable until the initial effects of Devil's Breath begin to wane and that happens 3 - 4 hours after the victim is drugged.

It is after the 3 - 4 hours period and the confused, dream-like state of mind that the victim is left in (if he doesn't die first), that the victim's mind can be exploited.

It's easy for the criminals to exploit the victim's mind because the victim ...

A) Is completely unaware of what has happened to him and doesn't know or realize he is drugged

B) Does not record anything by his brain due to the blockage of Acetycholine in the Cholinergic system

C) Doesn't realize that what he is experiencing is in fact reality and not a dream

D) Is completely confused, pliable - compliant and no longer outwardly "appears" drugged

You've likely heard stories of victims who had been poisoned with Devil's Breath;
 outwardly looking "articulate and normal"

Well, being articulate and looking and acting seemingly "normal" only occur 3 - 4 hours
after being drugged. But you don't generally read that.

Instead your led to believe that the victim looks and acts this way immediately after being poisoned and is also immediately rendered mentally helpless and has entirely lost their free-will.

In criminal doses Devil's breath in fact does render a victim mentally helpless, does make a victim confused, does trick the victim into believing that what they are doing is "just a dream" and does leave a victim highly "open to suggestion" and does prohibit the victim's ability to record anything in their memory (except in certain situations explained below)

Further, the victim will remain "drugged" from 3 - 5 days after being poisoned because the body cannot break down Devil's Breath (the chemicals it contains) swiftly.

This is why you may have heard about victim's waking up in a park, having no idea what happened to them and having no memory of their last three or four days.

The criminal's "WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY" ...

*And a new "White Collar Crime"

Lot's of money is being made by people who lurk in the shadows, lots of it.

Its being embezzled.

Its being embezzled from people who are both very wealthy and from families who aren't neccisarily very wealthy but who make more than $80K per year (used to demonstrate how many people are vulnerable to this new crime).


This is very important to the crime, let me explain it this way:

When Devil's Breath is repeatedly used on a targeted victim over the course of say a month by highly skilled criminals, the victim remains drugged for the entire month or so.

The victim stays in a "dream-like" state without knowing they are in this state (this is the best way to describe it)

Additionally, the victim doesn't "look" drugged.

During this time, the victim is suffering brain damage (very quickly) yet he doesn't know it and to fill in the "gaps" in his memory, the victim will automatically do exactly what an Alzheimer's patient will do:

The victim will "confabulate" to fill in the gaps in his memory.      

Let me explain to you why this is so important ...

Confabulation is a disturbance of memory, defined as the production of fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted memories about oneself or the world, without the conscious intention to deceive.

People who confabulate present incorrect memories ranging from "subtle alterations to bizarre fabrications", 
and are generally very confident about their recollections, despite contradictory evidence

> Confabulations are usually based in memory, and can be false in the regard of time and place of where an event occurred, or contain grossly inaccurate details.

> Confabulations aren’t intentional – the person with memory problems genuinely believes the confabulation to be true.

> Patients often act upon their confabulations.

> A person with confabulations will often cling to the false memory even when meeting the truth.

The criminals heavily rely on the victim's automatic response to fill in the gaps in his memory and ... they ingeniously exploit that too.


Each time that the victim is re-dosed with Devil's breath, the criminals know that the victim is in a constant dream-like state, they know he is unaware that he is drugged, they know he is suffering irreversible brain damage and as each day goes by they know he will ... confabulate.

They know that the victim "will produce fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted memories about oneself or the world, without the conscious intention to deceive" and the victim "will be generally confident about his recollections, despite contradictory evidence".

So guess what the criminal's do to exploit this?

They help the victim to fabricate distorted or misinterpreted memories about himself, his family and the world or his environment. 
The criminal's intentionally begin to lay the foundation for their crime in the victim's poisoned and extremely vulnerable mind.

The criminal's easily convince their victim that he and particular people had planned to part their ways (generally people that are close to the victim).

This is done in effort to remove those who are closest to the victim.

They will convince the victim that he and certain people had plans to end their particular relationships (business, legal, family or marriage) and the victim needs to sign paperwork to make it legal.

They will convince the victim to open new bank accounts and to move his money in effort to protect his money from the people whom he is ending his relationships with and they will convince the victim that he can trust no one except for ... the criminals who are his best friends and lurk in the shadows unknown and unseen by everyone despite that they are the puppet masters.

What does the victim do in response to the new fabricated information?

The victim hold's onto all of this new information and is confident about this new information that the criminals use to fill in the gaps in the victim's memory, despite contradictory evidence provided by those who the victim has been basically programmed to remove from his life.

This doesn't happen over-night. It takes some time: about 1 month or so to complete.

It is done in "sessions" three of four times per week while the victim is drugged for approximately one month or so. However, by the 2nd or 3rd session, it is too late for the victim, who will never return to normal.

Pretty ingenious, very insidious huh? 

Despite that the victim will never know what happened or recover his true memories, his family is being destroyed, his business relationships are being destroyed, the victim's life and all that he worked for is destroyed.

Yet it doesn't phase the victim at all because he now believes what he believes, he also believes that he is making decisions all of his own accord and never realizes the actual destruction he is causing or that he is putting his family, himself or his business partners through.

It's quite profound how this happens.

The criminal use of Devil's Breath (especially in this new crime) is almost always impossible to detect and for the criminals to be caught ...

Now, get ready for this:

The insidious tactics used to commit this new  "White collar crime" is actually based in part, although slightly contorted, on a very old native American poison and tactic.

This is also documented fact.

Let me explain what I'm talking about:

The native American Algonquin medicine men also known as "Midewiwin" are a highly secretive medicine society who are skilled in particular area's, especially the use of toxic plants and gain rank within their group, which is determined by their ability and power.

The highest ranking Midewiwin may be considered a Jess'akid and is the most powerful and feared.

You, like most people have probably never even heard of either of them.

The Midewiwin (sometime referred to as Mide) create potent medicines and poisons that can either help or harm an individual.

One of the poisons they make come from the same Tropane Alkaloids that make what you know of as "Devil's Breath".

The Midewiwin create this poison, and they mainly use it only for two reasons:

Number 1:

As revenge on an enemy

Number 2:

To swiftly change the personality of an individual

Under a large umbrella, both of these encompass physical abduction, slavery, rape and murder.

Under a smaller umbrella this often involves "mental" abduction to steal from a person, cause a person to suffer insanity, coercion to do many things and death; usually made to look like suicide. 

This is historical, documented fact.

Let me address number 1 first: 
As revenge on an enemy ...

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries the Midewiwin medicine men were hunted down by the U.S. and Canadian government because they were considered a danger to society.


High level Midewiwin (Jess'kid) had a profound, secret ability, and their secret ability quickly turned people into something unrecognizable that was irreversible, and this scared the shit out of many people who witnessed their ability.

Because the person (victim) would be and would act completely unrecognizable to family and friends, at that time, people believed that these secret Midewiwin had the ability to draw the soul out of a human being while they were alive so as to cause insanity or death.

The Algonquin could easily kill people without any visual bodily injury, could abduct people with ease, could over-take their enemy with ease, could retain complete control over virtually anyone whom they had contact with and they had the ability to completely, quickly and permanently change the personality of anyone, anyone at all.

No one at that time could figure out what the Midewiwin were doing to accomplish this or how they could do it.

And so, the Midewiwin became extremely feared.

The U.S. and Canadian government hunted them down, put them to death or into insane asylums.

The Midewiwin who weren't caught or hunted down, took their special knowledge, power and their secrets and they went underground to continue to practice their "special ability".

 Let me address number 2: 
To swiftly change the personality of an individual ...

The high level Midewiwin would target and choose the largest young men of their tribe when they reached a certain age and they would seclude them in cages away from their tribe for 18 to 30 days.

The Midewiwin would feed these young boys a drink called "Wysoccan" while the boys remained in their cages.

Wysoccan is a poison that contains the same Tropane Alkaloids that make what we know of today as Devil's Breath.

The purpose of this was to intentionally erase the memories of these young men who would confabulate as a response to "fill in the gaps" and the Midewiwin would intentionally replace their memories with new memories, all in an effort to turn them into new people, new, fearless warriors for the tribe.
The Mides would take these boys and lock them in cages as I told you at the beginning:
due to what Devil's breath does to a person mentally and physically directly after being poisoned.

What you just read above is not something that only happened hundreds of years ago, it is still going on in tribes today not only in their tribes but also in several U.S. At Risk Youth Facilities 

It's likeness to the new white collar crime is uncanny ...

Repeatedly poison the victim | seclude the victim | erase his memories | implant new memories

The specific Midewiwin cryptic prophecy called
"The 7th Fire Prophecy" and its potential relation to Devil's Breath

There is an old Native American Algonquin prophecy that some believe is cryptically modeled after the poison and has either already occurred or is in the secret process of occurring (as in the new "white collar crime") and "new" people are in fact being created.

The specific Midewiwin prophecy is called "The 7th Fire Prophecy".

The 7th Fire Prophecy offers arcane statements that imply confusion, hallucinations and new teachings. 

It also speaks of "new" people who will emerge and who will be created after suffering confusion, hallucinations, and new teachings.

Although it is documented that this prophecy has been around for hundreds of years, it is also documented that the original 
"7th Fire Prophecy"  was changed in the late 70's for an unknown reason(s).

Not only had the prophecy been changed, but for the first time in hundreds of years, it was also made public which caused some issues within several tribes who didn't agree with making it public.

The change to the prophecy occurred around the same time that the freedom of religious act was created in 1978 and it is said that it was changed 
by a prominent Midewiwin leader, who was also a major contributing founder of the American Indian Movement which was founded in 1968 to "fight white man's injustice to Indian's". 

This is significant for a couple of reasons and here's why:

The Midewiwin who i
n the late 19th and early 20th centuries had previously gone underground to avoid persecution and being hunted by the government, quietly re-emerged in the 70's and by 1978 they had began making public statements that Midewiwin and their practices are a religion while hiding the truth that Midewiwin by tradition were medicine men using highly toxic plants, practicing their traditions.

An interview with the same prominent Midewiwin leader would later confirm in 2009 that Midewiwin is
not an actual religion.

But so much time has passed, no one is paying attention or remembers the history and they may not realize or understand that the "religion" angle was nothing more than a public illusion to divert those from knowing or remembering the truth about the high level Midewiwin who were previously so feared.

Some have speculated that the new "White Collar" crime is revenge against white people for the past genocide of Native American's due in part to other cryptic statements in the 7th fire prophecy that provide several clues that indicate prejudice against white people.

2009 Two Midewiwin use Devil's Breath on a victim to gain his wealth

It was 2009 when this new "White collar crime" began to be suspected in the U.S.

A wealthy man was in fact poisoned by two people who were later determined to be members of the Midewiwin medicine society and who secretly administered a substance to a man that caused him to suffer the onset of a profound delirium and ... permanent brain damage.

During this time, the man closed his bank accounts, opened new bank accounts, signed legal documents and began losing thousands and thousands of dollars.

To date, the man never returned to normal, his personality is completely changed, he has no memory of his former life and none of the money was ever accounted for or found.

This case was followed by several others, all with identical scenarios and outcomes.

Five years later, an additional cryptic message was located in 2014 by the same prominent Midewiwin leader from above which demonstrated a "rah rah" session with his Midewiwin members (students), who he referred to as his "chiefs".

The message was in regard to revenge for the hundreds of years of genocide against Native American's by the "white people".    

You can read more about the Midewiwin in my book:

"Secrets of the Midewiwin Unveiled"

You should also know that Devil's Breath does not come from Colombia

You will notice that many articles portray Devil's Breath as coming from "Colombia" and only being an issue in "other" countries. 

This is a problem.

Understand this;

Only the name
"Devil's Breath" which is used in Colombia to identify a nasty substance that contains Scopolamine comes from Colombia. Just the name.

Sure, the plants used to make Devil's Breath grow in Colombia, but they also grow in the U.S. too and also have a few different names.

The nasty and notorious substance known in Colombia as "Devil's Breath" is not restricted to the boundaries of Colombia or other countries and it never was.

"Devil's Breath" has been made and is available right here in the U.S. (under different names) and has been for hundreds of years.

One last important thing I would like to touch on
is the possible signs that could indicate
when a victim has been poisoned with Scopolamine / Devil's Breath ...

The commonalities among the victims are the following:

> The very rapid onset of minor to major anxiety, paranoia

> The victim may believe that they have done something wrong or that "something" is wrong that they "can't put their finger on" even though there is no reason to believe they have done something wrong

> The victim may feel that he is being watched by someone or "something". He may feel that his house is being watched, that his phone is tapped, someone is waiting for him outside, in the bathroom, garage or on the other side of the door.

> The victim may feel that he could hurt his family (or the people close to him)

> The victim may feel the sudden need to flee and go somewhere
and if not watched, they may actually go somewhere alone, suddenly, unprepared and unexpectedly. They may be partially clothed, have no phone or wallet / purse, no shoes etc.  and may seem confused or disheveled when found. The victim may actually do this a couple of times

> The victim may feel that they are "mixed up" and / or can't consentrate

> The victim may experience the rapid onset of depression or "deep thinking" about his life

> The victim may feel that he is having a nervous break down and it's usually sudden and out of nowhere.

> The victim may have rapid bouts of mild to severe agitation or aggression

> The victim may commit suicide (usually committed while experiencing the above and by people whom family would least expect to commit suicide as in "very out of character")

> The victim may be easily coerced into committing suicide by the criminals

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