Thursday, October 26, 2017

Devil's Breath in my face (literally) ~ crazy story

I was recently contacted by a woman through my blog regarding Devil's Breath and what she claimed had happened to her ... family.

You've got to remember, I write books about these Devil's Breath true stories of crime so it would not be out of the realm of possibility that one could contact me leading me under one impression yet having a completely different motive, you cannot blame me for being "cautious".

The woman (with a slight foreign accent) asked me to meet her in a location that appeared to me hugely precarious ... a remotely located "park and ride", of which I googled then used satellite to find.

The place was entirely remote.

Still, my curiosity was peaked (can't help myself) and I agreed to meet with her taking along with me my personal 9mm my two Pitbull Terriers and my 278 lb body guard who carries with him a .45, a 9mm and a blade and we set out on the fairly long drive.

By the way, this was quite a distance of drive time so this was not just a short jaunt for us.

With this in mind, I made reservations for one night at a pet friendly hotel nearest to that park and ride which by all accounts was still 20 miles away from our hotel.

I think my body guard, the dogs and I listened to some Five Finger Death Punch and Disturbed in-between exchanges of what we may encounter once at our destination and or how things could play out if things went south.

As we approached the hotel, my body guard and I stopped at a nearby convenience store and grabbed 4 tall Ice House Edges (2 for him, 2 for me) to kick back once at the hotel. We both get out of the truck when chaos among my dogs breaks out almost immediately.

As usually happens on these rode trips, my dogs decide to start barking at anything that moves (this includes people, all people, anyone and anything) for as long as I am not inside the truck.

The barking turns into howeling and it quickly becomes apparent that we will not be able yet again to keep a low profile in another place. We inevitably encounter people who think two 85 lb incessantly barking Pitbull's are either absolutely adorable or they fear them and give us dirty looks. We encounter the former most often.

I guess if two unfamiliar people and two barking Pitbull's in a black truck with guns, cranking out Five Finger Death Punch rolled into my town, we'd secretly question their purpose too I guess.

Needless to say, we grabbed the beer and jumped back into the truck and headed to our hotel.

The next morning, while trying to decide before 10 am if it would just be easier to stay another night at the hotel while getting my things together to meet with the woman for 12:30 pm,
I make the decision to stay.

Why not right?

Its only one more night and we will have the chance to actually relax at the hotel, maybe have a few, then tomorrow we can jump into the truck for the long ride home. 

This is kind of a bitter sweet: at the moment I was glad I did but later as you'll see, I probably shouldn't have

So, after calling the front desk to confirm our stay for an additional night, we leave to go meet the woman.

As planned, we arrived at the park and ride at about 12:20 pm and noticed five cars dispersed in the lot. There was two cars that appeared to have a person or people in them.

Of all five cars, the woman's car was parked quite further away from all of the other cars and I knew it was hers because she told me that she was in a black Toyota Corolla.

As we approached her car we noticed a young boy sitting in the back seat with blankets and some items that appeared crammed in the back window. It appeared that he and the woman may have been living out of their car but the woman was no where to be found.

We stop a short distance from the car so as not to scare the little boy and waited to see and meet with the woman.

My dogs start barking and I notice in my vision to the right a woman coming out of the woods and she waves at us.

With my dogs barking at the woman, we shut the truck engine off and both get out of the truck to meet and introduce ourselves.

The woman almost immediately relays to us that she is sorry for not being in her car when we got here but she had to "pee" and was "peeing" in the woods. Due to the dogs barking it is hard to hear ourselves talk, so I asked Phil (my body guard) to go start the truck and turn the AC on high for the dogs and with the radio. This always settles them down and they generally go to sleep.

And so he does.

The woman then tells me that the boy in the car is her six year old son and together they have been living out of her car because of what happened to her family due to a group of people using Devil's Breath on her husband.

So of course one cannot help but to be concerned, and so I asked her if she and her son would be interested in having lunch with us and we could talk further. I noticed that she immediately turned her eyes up at me, then to the right and declined my invitation.

At that moment, I heard the sound of a car coming somewhat from behind me to the right and from where the woman's eyes had glanced over to,

I'm thinking "its a park and ride", its really not that unusual for cars to be coming in or leaving and she probably doesn't want to leave with her son to have lunch with strangers.

Phil comes back after situating my dogs, and he tells me that he noticed two cars had just pulled in and are parked one each at the entrance and the exit. The cars are not blocking anything, they are just parked there.

I tell him; "Phil, its a park and ride" cars are going to be coming, parking, leaving and driving through".

But what I did notice was that one of the cars that was parked among the others somehow while we were talking, had moved its parking space closer to the woman's car and as expected, Phil was already aware of it.

So, with no real place to sit and talk to the woman to hear her story, I asked her if there was someplace she wanted to go to talk, for a walk or something and she said how about in my car?

I agreed to walk over to her car with her and in my mind stand outside of the car while we talked.
Phil remained standing between our truck and the woman's car scoping the lot.

When we get to her car, she opens her door and unlocks the others and tells me to open the door and go ahead and get in. She then say's "hold on" as she needed to clean off the passenger seat for me to sit in.

The woman, standing outside of her car but bent over inside the drivers seat, then asks me to hand her her purse that was on the floor of the passenger seat.

I bent over to reach for her purse and with my eyes peering toward the floor of her car, something told me to look up. I just had an odd feeling.

To be honest, if she were static electricity, I was the hair that stood on end. That's the feeling I was experiencing.

When I did, I saw the woman bent over and her hands shaking while she was opening a small square glossy package that was smaller than the palm of her hands and I heard Phil yell to me "cars, people coming, get outta there"

As I quickly backed my upper body out of her car, she demanded "hold on, hold on, stay here".

I could hear my dogs barking like hell as I ran to my truck. During this, I heard two other cars start up although at the time with everything going on, I don't know which ones they were but I know that I heard two cars start up.

We left the park and ride very quickly, passing the car that had come in and parked by the exit.

Phil kept asking me "what the hell happened right there."

I told him that I believed she was trying or going to "wack" me with Devil's Breath and that there were other people waiting in the parking lot obviously involved.

We drove back to the hotel, took the dogs out of the truck to go to the bathroom then went inside to our hotel room. On my way through the lobby, I stopped at the front desk and did something I don't normally do.

I told the front desk that if anyone called the hotel for me I did not want to take any calls (anyone that I needed to talk to or needed to talk to me has my cell number and can call me directly)
and I also told them that if anyone came to the hotel looking for me, I did not want to be bothered.

This is not like me and sounds rather smug, but I was a little spooked by what had transpired earlier.

I have no evidence at all that this person had Devil's Breath, that Devil's Breath was in that tiny little square package or that she was going to use it on me, but I do know that she had bad intentions.

The situation was just unsettling and too questionable from the beginning.

So, over the next couple of hours I make a few phone calls, we order some food and Phil and I start planning our schedule for the few days after we return home.

After dinner, we decide to head out to grab a few beers at the convenience store.

We can't leave my dogs in our room even for just 15 minutes to run to the store. Dogs can't be left unattended in our hotel room, so we put their leashes on and head out of our room.

We enter the parking lot and while walking to my truck Phil calls my attention to two specific cars that are parked in the hotel parking lot but are at a fairly descent distance from where we are parked. In them, each had two people sitting in the front seats.

From our perspective, we couldn't see if anyone was sitting in the back seats of either of them.

Ironically, the cars look like the two cars that were both parked each at the entrance and the exit of the park and ride.

Can't be I said out loud, and I swore not to let my imagination run away with me or any ... paranoia

To think ...I wanted to stay one extra night at the hotel to be able to relax.

We leave to go to the store. When we get back, the peculiar cars are both gone or at least from where they were parked. Well, if they were there, we couldn't see them.

OK, so I'm thinking (and I may have told Phil) that I was being just a little over dramatic in my thoughts about the cars and what had happened earlier in the day.

We get back to our room and Phil notices that one of his two cell phones is missing and tells me that he thinks he left it in my truck.

I grab both dogs to take their leashes off and Phil runs back out to the truck to retrieve his cell.

Phil gets back into the room, and out of breath he tells me that both front tires of my truck are almost completely flat (he was able to retrieve his cell from the truck)

~ I would really enjoy finishing this post right now but I can't, I was just given 30 minutes to be somewhere (literally) so I will finish this post tomorrow ~

Continued from yesterday:

So I said; "what the hell happened from the time we were in the truck a short while ago driving to the store to getting back and having two almost flat tires?"

I have a large, experienced body guard for a reason.

Phil is very good at what he does and he knows we weren't followed or that anything happened while we were at the store.

Additionally, both of my dogs were in the truck when we went to the store, we would have heard them barking like crazy if anyone even went near my truck at all. So, if my tires were slashed, it didn't happen at the store.

It would have had to have happened when we returned to the hotel from the store and it would have had to happen very quickly between the time we returned, entered the hotel and  a few minutes later when Phil went back out to the truck to retrieve his cell phone.

My paranoia starts to build and in my mind I'm wondering if there could have been anyway we were followed by anyone when we left the park and ride even though I'm confident that we weren't.
(its a normal thought) even though I know Phil would have known if someone were to actually follow us all the way back to the hotel.

My thoughts then turn toward; this was coincidence and nothing more than a random parking lot incident and I should probably let it go and just make a call to get my tires fixed so we can just leave at check out tomorrow.

With my truck tires not being able to be fixed until morning, we are pretty much stuck at the hotel unless we want to call for a limo or taxi.

We settle in for the duration of the night and I don't remember at what time, but at some point later on in the evening I got a call to my hotel room from the front desk.

The front desk expressed to me that a person had left a package at their desk for me and asked the hotel to specifically deliver the package to my room in hand rather than having me go to the front desk for it.

Knowing that I earlier stated that I didn't want to be bothered, the hotel was basically giving me a courtesy call to let me know of the package and the opportunity to have it delivered to my room or to pick it up at the desk.

Honestly, I didn't immediately know what to say and because I didn't expect a "package", I was taken by surprise. To my recollection I said something on the lines of "how big is this package?"

This had to have been in reference to the small, square, glossy package that was in the woman's hand hours earlier that appeared to have reached my subconsciousness because the delivery of my question was almost knee-jerk, when my question should have been; "who delivered the package?".

The front desk told me that the package was a rectangular shaped box that was about 8 inches long and about 3 inches tall. I really didn't care at the moment about the package really, as much as I was concerned about who had delivered it.

So, of course my next question is "who delivered it and when was it delivered?" The front desk proceeds to tell me that a woman delivered the box about 20 minutes ago and the front desk then asked me what I wanted them to do with the box.

I could have sent Phil down to get the box and check it out or I could have the hotel deliver it to my room, then have Phil check it out, but I didn't.

Instead, I told the front desk that I would be down to pick it up, knowing of course that Phil would be on my heels.

Make no mistake, I really didn't care about the box. I wanted to know who delivered it because I knew it somehow had to do with what happened earlier at the park and ride and my flat tires.
So at this point, I'm more pissed off then I am concerned with the contents of the box.

I hang up and tell Phil what is going on and we both head down to the front desk to pick up my little surprise (yes I left my dogs in my room) along the way with Phil insisting that he would be the one to take the box outside before opening it and with me bordering on the line of calling the police because I feel like I'm being stalked.

As we approach the front desk I can't help but look around to see if we are being watched.

To add to the paranoia, its dark outside, the lobby of the hotel and where the front desk is, is entirely all glass so someone could be anywhere outside watching us and it would be difficult for us to see them outside due to the bright lights on inside the hotel.

Phil and I walk over to the front desk and claim the box. Phil is examining the outside of the box like its something foreign that he's never seen before and I'm looking at him saying; "Phil, its a box".

We both head toward the front door to exit the building (in my mind to find the dumpster, in Phil's perhaps not)

Now outside and with both of us scanning the lot out (me out of paranoia because I feel like we are being watched), I notice the woman from the park and ride and three men standing in the parking lot and directly across from the front atrium doors of the hotel.

They are just standing there watching us. They made no effort to hide themselves from being seen by us, instead it was if they were deliberately positioning themselves to be seen by us.
It was actually kind of creepy.

Clearly, we (or I) have been targeted (really? me? this is dumb) and I really don't want to entertain another night here but I have no choice since my truck is basically out of commission until tomorrow morning.

So, I tell Phil "don't open it, just throw it in the dumpster, I wanna get the hell out of this place". 
Phil in the meantime is having a stare down competition with the four individuals and is ready to rock.

Phil and I head over to the dumpster and get rid of the box before heading back into the hotel.
I am now trying to project an "I don't care or you don't scare me" kind of attitude.

Knowing how these people work, my next step is going to be an expensive one, but in all seriousness its something I have to do.

We can't stay here.

Options in transportation back home for us are minimal because we have ... two dogs with us and so
a taxi is out of the question and its too late at night to get a car or SUV rental.

So, I call and make arrangements for a limo to take us all back home which required a separate security deposit for my dogs, and I then call a tow truck co. where I live and I schedule to have my truck towed all the way back home.

I don't know how the woman from the park and ride and her side kicks found my hotel, I'm convinced they did not follow us from the park and ride when we left, unless they had others secretly watching our arrival and departure, but I'm confident that we were not followed back home in the limo. As for my truck being towed back home and followed, that of course I can't be sure of.

From my most recent experience, it is my hope that sharing it with you has provided you with some insight and although minimal; some knowledge of how these criminals operate.

Thanks for reading
~ TJ

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Take a peek from the book "The Devil's Breath Secret Circle and in detail ... How Devil's Breath Powder works

Being that I was within only inches of the bedroom door, that meant that I was also wedged between the closed door and a 1920’s large bedroom vanity that was my grandmothers and I had no ability to go anywhere or move as I slammed up against the door from fear. With a clenched fist an inch from my face and his body just as close, my husband said;
“Get the fuck out of my bedroom before you regret what I’ll do to you, get the Fuck out now or I’m going to kill you”

When he saw me cry, with a blank look as if something was missing or shut off in his brain and with eyes who’s soul had disappeared, he said;

“Yeah, cry now bitch, just get the Fuck out before I kill you!”, “I will kill you right here!”, “get out or I will do something to you that you’re going to regret!”
Body found
The pipe is past around one last time and you, having already taken several hits off the pipe don’t see anything wrong with taking one more hit, and so you do because in your mind, this uncomfortable situation will finally end. 

The pipe is then put away. and one thing leads to another and for approximately ten or fifteen minutes or so you find yourself conversing with these new people about what needs to be fixed in between some banter regarding the circles when you suddenly begin to feel a little odd.

Your new friends can see it in your face and they reassure you not to worry and that native American tobacco is a little stronger than commercial cigarettes and you notice the two men glance at each other and say something n a language that you don't recognize.

The odd feeling begins to over-come you and you know that something is terribly wrong but you don't want to panic or lead on that you are actually quite scared.


You leave the room and quickly grab your cell phone to call your wife to let her know where you are and what is going on, but she doesn’t answer. The answering machine goes off instead and in panic you decide to leave her a message so she will know where you are and what is happening to you, but when you try to talk, you can’t.

All that is coming out of your mouth is a mumbling of sort, no matter how hard you try to pronounce words. In your mind you know what you want to say, you know what you are trying to say, but it just won’t come out the way you want.

You know what you want to say but it just doesn't come out the way it is supposed to.

Pushing the button that speed dials you're home, you try again but again she doesn’t answer and you hang up before the answering machine goes off again.

Whatever is happening to you, it is happening rapidly and you're not sure what to do.

You then make another attempt to call your wife in the hope that she will answer and can help you or can get help for you, but the answering machine instead goes off again and you hang up but then feel someone grab your hand and they take your cell phone away from you.

Actual phone records
With your head feeling as if it were weighed down, you slowly pick up your head to see who it is, but you can't see them very clear because your eye sight is extremely blurry now too and you feel yourself in motion, elicited by the two men who are pulling you forward but your arms and entire body feel extremely weighed down and immobile.

Your three new friends are now going to keep you under lock and key and watch as you go through a physical and emotional hell for the next four hours.

They will do nothing to help you except maybe tie you down so that you don't run away in a crazed mental frenzy, taring off your clothing when your body
dangerously rises.

Unknown to you, in four hours you will physically feel much better but you will be in a drugged, and confused state yet you won't outwardly appear drugged. You will have no memory of smoking the pipe, you won't recognize that your new friends are actually “new” friends of yours, you will believe that you have all been friends for some time and you won't remember the four hour of hell that you went through.

Actual court documentation

Among us exists a circle

Within that circle exists a smaller, yet highly populated circle 
that serve to blanket the workings of an even deeper circle called the third ring.
Within the third ring exists those who have special knowledge;
a highly guarded secret and sinister use for Devil's Breath 
among the unknowing and unsuspecting.


How unfortunate the things that you will never know:

You don't know and you will never know that they are going to keep re-dosing you to keep you drugged without anyone knowing for as long as it takes them to gain complete control of your mind and your life.

The memories that you had of your wife, your marriage, your life and your family that you had on the day that you entered the building to fix the issue, are being stripped away from you and you will never get them back.

What you know now of your family and what you know now as your life will never be the same for you or for your family.

You won't remember that life, you will never have the ability to realize what happened to you once they are done and there is nothing at all that you can do now to stop them.

Absolutely nothing.


Monday, September 11, 2017

Those who dwell among the Devil's Breath Secret Circle

The Devil’s Breath Secret Circle …

Ahhh, yes, three circles are alive and together today doing the evil they do, many in your community and you don't even know about it.

Yet its true.

Among us exists a circle, and within that circle exists a smaller, yet highly populated circle that serve to blanket the workings of an even deeper circle called the third ring.

Within the third ring exists those who have special knowledge; a highly guarded secret and sinister use for Devil's Breath among the unknowing and unsuspecting.

Sound a little cryptic? Well, there is a point to this                                             

People often ask me “How do you know so much about Devil's Breath?”

My response is usually; “You don't need to know how I know, you only need to know that it does in fact exist and how to protect yourself and your family from the people who target people like you to use Devil's Breath on.”

Quite frankly, what you choose to believe is your decision.

But I will not tell you how I know so much about Devil's Breath.

I choose to write books about Devil's Breath because it is the most notorious and sinister drug in the world, without question, and you are here because Devil's Breath interests you to a degree and you want to know more about it.

When you click on the pages of my blog, each page does in fact provide information about Devil's Breath, and other pages that provide some details about How Devil's Breath powder works.     

This gets interesting ...  

Well, not too long ago I was given some information, names, documentation, court records, face book postings and such all in regard to Devil's Breath and I didn't know what the hell to do with it all. It literally sat in my stone wall covered office in a large brown box on top of an old printer that realistically should be thrown away or discarded somehow. 

I get so absorbed with what I write and the meetings I have that I had but all forgotten about that brown box and what I now view as the “gold” it contained.

I spend countless hours trying to convince people through my writing and through my words, the reality and seriousness of Devil's Breath and I'm never satisfied with how I communicate the information. I endlessly find myself disappointed in how I present things and how after the fact, a better way always dawns on me that seems so simplistic when it does and makes me question how I didn't think of it at the time.

So, it occurred to me not that long ago; to take all of the information that the brown box contained; court docs, face book postings, screen shots, I took everything and combine it with more detail about how Devil's Breath powder genuinely works (including information that I have not yet published) among a lot of other factual information that includes those within the circle, and I'm publishing another book titled:

“The Devil's Breath Secret Circle and in detail … How Devil's Breath Powder works.”

This piece of work I did not come away from feeling disappointed with. I believe it is actually my best work yet and delivers what I have tried so hard to articulate; the secrecy, the truth, who it involves, how they do it and how they get away with it.

This book allows me the freedom to display the truth to you without
the secrecy that I live by a

“The Devil's Breath Secret Circle and in detail … How Devil's Breath Powder works”
will go on sale Thursday October 07, 2017 (due to a revision) for those of you who are interested and want to dig a lot deeper.

On Monday September 18, 2017 I will be posting excerpts and some screen shots that are contained in the book.  I do hope you come back at that point for some very good reading.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Devil's Breath VS Burundanga ~ What is the difference between the two?

I hear some people often refer to Devil’s Breath (Scopolamine) as the “Voodoo” drug
when it is not and I'd like to take a moment to explain the differences between Devil's Breath and the Voodoo drug Burundanga.

Both Devils Breath and Burundanga contain “Scopolamine”, but let me clarify:

Burundanga is the “Voodoo” drug (almost always in powder form) that is usually used for long-term results combined with other ingredients including the venom of a Puffer Fish and is usually administered by a Haitian “Bockur” and its use is to make the victim appear dead.

The victim if poisoned, now appears dead, his breathing and heart beat is greatly suppressed and he is paralyzed then buried in a coffin as if he actually died.

Within 2 – 3 days the victim will be dug back up and given a criminal dose of Scopolamine to keep the victim unaware, confused and with the result of total compliance. The victim will be repeatedly dosed with Scopolamine because   … the victim is now a slave and unaware that he is a slave for as long as he is a slave and likely suffers brain damage the entire time he is drugged.

Through repeated doses of Scopolamine, the victim will remain a slave for as long as the Bockur chooses and while family and friends believe their loved one died and was buried.

Scopolamine is Devil’s Breath (can be delivered through powder, liquid, tobacco and injection).

It is a drug that is used usually for a short-term period of time and to rob a victim of his possessions, for rape and / or abduction.

BUT ...

A skilled criminal can use Scopolamine repeatedly on a victim for a period lasting
18 – 30 days so as to get almost identical, permanent and long-term results as a Bockur can get using Burundanga on a victim:

* Confusion
* Unawareness
* Compliance

* Brain damage / Memory loss 

In this scenario, the victim is used by the criminals for a different purpose:
for his wealth. Through memory loss, confabulation and manipulation, the victim will willingly alienate himself from family and friends (it will seem like its willingly) he will willingly sign legal docs for the victim, he will willingly hand over his money to the criminals, and he will willingly close his bank accounts to hide that the money is missing and while he is completely unaware that his mind was manipulated to do all of these things.

Just as you read about Burundanga and the family believing that their family member is dead and buried despite that the victim is alive but now a secret slave,

… with Devil’s Breath because the victim will sign everything over in a short period of time to the criminals (seemingly willingly) all the time while outwardly appearing as if he were making his own decisions, the family and those around the victim will believe that their family member is making his own decisions and will never know that he was drugged and his mind was intentionally manipulated to alienate himself and to sign everything over.

High, repeated criminal doses of Scopolamine causes permanent brain damage, the victim will be left unaware of what happened and will remain alienated from family for the rest of his life.

⇨ Read more about “The New WhiteCollar Crime”

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Devils Breath disguised under religion

So, if you have read
“How does Devils Breath"powder" work?”

and you are having a hard time wrapping your head around all of this and the fact that it is right now being used in the U.S., I suggest you now learn about a little known and highly guarded Native American Secret Medicine Society in the U.S, who are known for having the ability to “steal” the soul from individuals while still alive, so as to cause insanity or death because of its direct relation to Devil's Breath.


It is now known by a select few, that these highly feared Native American Medicine men were actually using Scopolamine taken from plants to accomplish what was perceived by a lot of very scared people as a once impossible “mystical” feat.

Think about it, how can the soul of a man or a woman leave their body?

We know its always only through death that it can happen (although some may argue that Astral projection is the act of soul leaving the body for a short time) and yet here we have a particular group of "medicine men" who can remove the soul of a living person so as to cause insanity or death and usually done out of revenge (at that time)

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries these highly skilled and highly feared medicine men were hunted down by the U.S. and Canadian government for their profound ability and were considered a danger to society. 

But remember, it wasn’t known at that time how these special medicine men who had seemingly special powers were doing what they did to people.

For this, these special medicine men were put to death and some were placed into mental asylums. However, the ones who evaded capture and death, went underground to continue their evil practices until the 1970’s when they began to re-emerge.

Why until the 1970’s?

Well, we (as a collective in our society) do not know a lot about or have an in-depth understanding of Native American culture or traditions and would not know the difference between one Native American ceremony to another, a Native American “tradition” to another or most anything else Native American.

So, what happened was this; in 1978 the Native American Religious Freedom Act was passed.

On the surface, it appeared to be a pretty fair and un-bias way to acknowledge the religious rights of an entire culture living among us in our country.

However, we (again as a collective in our society) unknowing of traditions and practices of an entire culture, yet providing such freedom to practice their traditions and practices while living among us, did not consider if those traditions and practices could have any detrimental effect on us.

We basically meant well, we just didn’t anticipate that our ignorance could later be used against us.

Now consider this, read and absorb the following and then I will explain details further to you;

If we (as a collective in our society) do not know or understand the traditions and practices of an entire culture and we don’t know the difference between one Native American ceremony to another, a Native American “tradition” to another or most anything else Native American, for any group of Native American’s who wanted to take advantage of our ignorance

 ... it would be pretty easy for that group or people from that group to take a Native American practice that is not really “religious” in nature, and disguise it to us as being religious in nature, so as to fall under the Native American Religious Freedom Act. Right?

Which one of “we” (as a collective in our society) would know the difference?

To be fair, almost none of us would.

Why does it matter?

Well now, let me explain the details to you

If a Native American individual was to do what appeared to be a Native American
ceremony or tradition and asked you to join in, you being ignorant to their “customs”,
and wanting to be cordial or out of curiosity you just might join.

Who knows, maybe you've taken a sudden interest
in Native American culture.

Unfortunately, little ol’ ignorant you would not know or have any way of knowing that the peaceful and very friendly appearing Native American that invited you to join their ceremony or tradition or offered to teach you some Native American traditions, is a medicine man or that he / she is from the highly guarded Native American Secret Medicine Society that you just learned about above.

Without knowing this, the “peace pipe” of so-called “tobacco” that he just handed ignorant you to ingest: could contain Scopolamine to intentionally catapult you into hell, of which if or when you are allowed to come out of, you will not remember or
 … come out the way you went in.

Yes, this is going on by some high ranking Midewiwin (not all)

You see, these special Native American medicine men, the ones who were previously hunted down, put to death and into asylums, some of them today publicly operate their “Midewiwin Secret Medicine Society” as a religion, despite that it is not a religion at all.

But again, “we” (as a collective society) don’t know any better, we don’t question things that we know so little about, and we likely believe that we will not ever be invited to a Native American ceremony anyway.

If you are one of the people who think like that,
let me tell you something else;

I know of at least three of these special Native American Medicine men who belong to the society and do to people what you just read above for various reasons and who are “whiter” than my aunts thighs and were each "adopted" into the culture. And, to avoid questions if they are asked if they are Midewiwin, due to being "white" they will tell you that they can't be Midewiwin. 

They won’t usually tell people that they belong to the society or that they are Midewiwin. 

Instead, they come to you as peaceful, friendly people who as scary as it sounds; also do a lot of work with disadvantage children and at risk youth.

Most frequently, they offer to “teach” Native American culture to you or as in the case of the children and youth: "as an alternative to traditional methods used in at risk youth facilities".

I will say this though; that if you get any hint that may elude to who or what they are,
it will be something said in passing that indicates “Algonquin” followed by “tradition” or “ceremony”.

Other infrequent times, they may say or admit that they go to a Midewiwin lodge for ceremonies, while denying that they are actual Midewiwin and knowing that you know nothing about Midewiwin anyway, and that anything you read online or elsewhere will tell you that its merely a religion handed down for hundreds of years.

Once they use Scopolamine on anyone for whatever evil reasons they have, no one will ever find out so they have nothing to lose.

Some say they do it for personal gain, some say they do it simply to change people into “new” people as the Native American *Seventh Fire Prophecy predicts and still some say they do it out of revenge for all of the injustices caused to all Native American’s for hundreds of years, as they did almost always as revenge prior to their persecution in the late 19th and early 20th centuries 

* Scroll down to the Seventh Prophet and is where you will read about "new" people 

The point is, they do, do it
and you don’t know about it.

To further help you understand, maybe you have heard about a “Rite of passage” previously used by a particular group of Native American’s (Algonquin) on young men of their tribe.

In this Rite of Passage, it lasts for 18 – 30 days and the biggest and strongest young men of the tribe were removed and placed into cages. The young men were then given “Wysoccan” to drink and would be catapulted into hell (the reason for the cages)
Wysoccan contains Scopolamine taken from certain plants.

The boys would be given this drink repeatedly from 18 – 30 days to intentionally cause them memory loss and delirium so that through confabulation (implantation sessions), they could be rebuilt into great warriors.

The Algonquin believed that by stripping away the boy’s childhood memories, the boys would be given new memories …that of being fearless.

These boys, once they were returned back into the tribe, would not remember their own name or even their own mother and their new memories were permanent, while their childhood memories were erased forever.

These young men would and will never know the difference, they would never know that their mind , memories and personality have been altered and despite that it likely goes against what we would do to our children, at the end of the day it is one of their traditions that we do not govern.

That being said, when it is used on us without our knowledge or permission to substantially and permanently alter our memories and personality, for revenge, is used on someone for someone else's personal gain or to coerce someone into committing suicide, then it becomes a weapon used to commit a crime.

You hear about people being arrested for using Devils Breath (Scopolamine) on people to rob, abduct and rape  and Two women robbed THIRTY men and Five held in Paris over 'devils breath' etc. etc. etc.  

Now think about this ...

When is the last time you heard of a Native American
pulling off a crime using a "Sacred religious plant" as the weapon?

When was the last time anyone researched what any one of the
Native American Sacred Religious Plants are or what they contain?

When was the last time you heard that
a Native American Sacred Religious Plant
was the same plant used to make Devil's Breath?

When was the last time you heard of or suspected a religious organization 
of committing crimes using Sacred Religious Plants?

The Truth about Scopolamine and Burundanga for crime and how the Poison eliminates the free-will 

Excerpt: “In skilled hands,
Scopolamine can in fact be used to quite literally
“strip” a human beings’ mind down so profoundly,
so that all that is left by and far are their basic animal instincts”

Excerpt: “I did not know or have any reason to think at that time
that I would never see or speak to my husband again as happens when a person dies."
  "My husband however, did not die”.

Secrets of the Midewiwin Unveiled: Ancient knowledge and the use of plants containing Scopolamine to steal the human soul 

Excerpt: Learn the secrets of a small group of Medicine men 
within the secret Grand Midewiwin Medicine Society and
their practice of stealing the soul of a human being while
still alive so as to cause him insanity or death and it’s
direct relation to “Devil’s Breath”.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

A new self-sustaining, non-currency, high security, private community being planned for families in a disaster / emergency and for a lot less than you would think

I just found out about this, the concept is actually a very good idea as long as every detail has been anticipated:

A new self-sustaining, non-currency, high security, private community being planned as a “go-to” for families and their pets in the event of an emergency / disaster. The community is based on a non-monetary economy.

Over one hundred and twenty-five plus highly secured acres are being considered to develop a new, self-sustaining, non-currency community for a number of families,
and by application only.

The community will include brand new ranch style homes that are fully furnished, fully applianced and fully equipped with all living and cooking essentials; turn-key and ready to move into in a disaster, including outdoor gas grills for BBQ, fire-pits, wood stoves for back -up and a generator for additional back -up.

During an emergency or disaster, the idea is for families to be able to simply pick up and leave for their safe, new community that is waiting for their arrival.

But it gets better …

Operated entirely through community members using their skills and talents within the community and for the community, no currency 
will be required for food, for housing utilities, repairs or medical need

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the houses and community will be operated by candles and lanterns. Electricity, water, heat, wood and gas for the generators are all freely provided to all within the community of which will also have its own infirmary.

Community members provide care to the large farm of livestock that will include
beef, pig, turkey, chicken a fishery and each member will grow their own vegetables on their own property and produce their own eggs. Approx 2.5 acres of berry brush are included in the plans as well as the care of certain fruit producing tree's.

The meat from the farm will be slaughtered and will be dispersed in generous pounds to each family on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, the community will boast a community center 
kitchen and    
indoor /outdoor community bar freely available and open to all adult community members.

The purpose of the “kitchen” is for members to be able to routinely replenish their own homes with toiletries, dry and paper goods when needed and will also consist of a field and aeroponic garden for canning of future supplies for the community if or when needed.

Schooling will be provided to the community also by community members, similar to home-schooling but with a larger group and with various grade levels, as well as recreational activities such as horse-back riding, a large playground, tennis, basketball, fishing, hiking, archery, a shooting range and weapons class and the community indoor / outdoor bar complete with expansive fire-pit for evening relaxing.

Additionally, respect for one another is the core belief of the community of which will also enforce a zero-crime tolerance through security provided by all community members as a team who will each as a team, serve one month in the revolving position.

The estimated one-time cost to purchase a brand new 2-bedroom starter home on
2 acres with everything included will be at or near $185,000
* All community members will also have the option of adding up to 3 or 4 additional rooms to their home with the help and resources of the community at any time and at no monetary cost.

Every single penny of the proceeds from the sale of the homes will be put back into the community for the construction of barns, water supply, livestock, supplies, housing supplies, heating etc.

If you are a family who wants to be home to raise your own family, who wants to put an end to the need for employment and the need for money to live, want to have a viable option in an emergency / disaster, and you believe in growing your own food and helping one another, this may be the community you have been looking for.

This community is not a religious organization, a group of survivalist, a cult, it is not operated by hippies or a new age movement, the community strongly and simply believes in respect for one another, respect for the sanctity of families, of helping one another and … preparedness.

With that said however, potential buyers should be prepared for the concept of  “neighbors helping neighbors”, on a much more private scale and to embrace the idea that it is not a “keeping up with the Jones’” atmosphere.

The community will be located on one hundred twenty five plus acre area but it is my understanding that it is planned to have less than 40 homes built within the expansive community.

Further, there are plans for elaborate security that include “3 lines” of carefully drafted defense and without the requirement for any electricity that is impossible to pass through or enter.

A website is currently in the process of being designed.

For more detailed and specific information, you can email

Friday, March 17, 2017

Excuse me sir, but why are you naked and growling at me?

So many stories nationwide of people on the streets naked, delirious, hallucinating,
making peculiar noises and acting highly aggressive like a wild animal
You're just not told the whole story.

Scopolamine causes delirium, hallucinations, in high doses paralyzes the vocal chords so that only noises can be made similar to a raccoon or growling

Additionally, Scopolamine causes 
hyperthermia:It causes the body temperature to rise drastically resulting in people ripping off their clothing,
here's just a few …

Kony 2012 Film Maker

Guy runs naked through garage

Rudy Eugene

Brit found running around naked

Man runs naked through streets

Man jumped through a plate glass window and ran naked and bloody through the streets of a town on California’s central coast.

TAMPA (FOX 13) - Tampa Police have identified the man who died early Wednesday after he ran naked, into the path of oncoming traffic on Dale Mabry Highway, then jumped on cars and repeatedly smashed his head against a windshield.

Too much of it and you will not return.

Did you know that the activation of muscarinic receptors is directly linked to killing behavior in laboratory rats and domestic cats etc.

Systemic administration or intrahypothalamic injection of muscarinic agonists like scopolamine or acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitors (anti-cholenergics)
induces animals to kill.

I'm sure you have read or heard the stories blamed on the drug "Flakka" for odd, zombie like aggressive behavior, such as in the videos below

However, despite that the drug "Flakka" contains PVP (alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone)
Alpha-PVP is chemically similar to other synthetic cathinone drugs

is a monoamine alkaloid found in the shrub Catha edulis (khat plant) and is chemically similar to ephedrine, cathine, methcathinone and other amphetamines.

As a recreational drug, the leaves and stem are chewed by people in East Africa and the Arabian countries as a stimulant like caffeine to elevate mood  and is often compared to having the same stimulants as 

If we look at amphetamines, the major side effects of amphetamine use or abuse is:


Seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there

Mental changes

Incidence not known:

Blurred vision


false or unusual sense of well-being

fast, irregular, pounding, or racing heartbeat or pulse



pounding in the ears


shakiness in the legs, arms, hands, or feet

slow or fast heartbeat

trouble sleeping
twitching, twisting, or uncontrolled repetitive movements of the tongue, lips, face, arms, or legs
uncontrolled vocal outbursts or tics (uncontrolled repeated body movements)

Symptoms of overdose:

Abdominal or stomach cramps


dark-colored urine


dizziness, faintness, or light-headedness when getting up suddenly from a lying or sitting position



muscle cramps or spasms

muscle pain or stiffness




unusual tiredness or weakness


Incidence not known:

Decreased interest in sexual intercourse

difficulty having a bowel movement (stool)

dry mouth

hives or welts, itching, or skin rash

inability to have or keep an erection

loss in sexual ability, desire, drive, or performance

loss of appetite

redness of the skin

unpleasant taste

weight loss

Ok, so if you read over the lengthy lists again, you will notice that of all of the side effects, and there are numerous, no where does any of the above lists include:

Elevated body temperature / hyperthermia or

These three side effects are the most obvious and the most scary behaviors that are so pronounced in the sad individuals that the media repeatedly blames "Flakka" use on such as in the following video clips

Now I'm not attempting to convince anyone that delirium, hyperthermia or aggression is not a potential side effect of amphetamine use, rather I am merely pointing out that they are not the most common or often acknowledged by numerous reputable medical facilities.

This makes me wonder why the media inevitably jumps to the conclusion that "Flakka" is the cause.

Flakka, a fairly new street drug (despite its creation in 1960) is inevitably blamed for zombie-like behavior.

Then you have Scopolamine (Devil's breath) known for literally hundreds of years, used in wars against the enemy, used by Midewiwin to create "new" people, is an ingredient in the "zombie-powder "Burundanga" which has been historically used by Bokor's to intentionally aid in the making of Haitian zombies and ... a law has been created in Haiti as a result

Yet Scopolamine's ability and notorious capability is always and inevitably publicly denied and there is a reason for this folks. I

It is being kept a secret from the public for a reason.