Tuesday, February 7, 2017

TV show that best portray's what Scopolamine can do to the human brain "Hell On Wheels" season 3, episode 406

A great, convenient visual that explains how Scopolamine can permanently change the human brain, can be seen through the TV show Hell on wheels, specifically
season 3 episode406 when the character “Ferguson” suffers a bear attack and is taken in by a group of Native Americans who “pack” his head wounds with “herbs”.

This particular episode was called to my attention through a dear friend of mine.

Ferguson’s wounds heal and he later returns as a completely different person who
does not recognize his wife, his closest friend etc. is in a permanent state of “amnesia” and is experiencing “delusional” behavior (if you will) and is basically unrecognizable to those closest to him.

Finally, his closest friend realizing that he will never return to normal, shoots him putting Ferguson “down”.

To anyone watching the show, the cause of the amnesia & delusional behavior would be considered “made for TV drama” and considered not possible.

Folks, it isn’t only possible, it is happening and your lack of knowledge of its secret use and its existence makes it a believable “unreality” yet good for TV drama.
And societies insistence that “there is no drug that can do this”,
in the very least is why the criminals continue to get away with it.

In plants form, Scopolamine is easily absorbed through the skin and is why the plants containing Scopolamine should be handled with gloves. 

How does "Devils Breath" powder really work?

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