Saturday, March 18, 2017

A new self-sustaining, non-currency, high security, private community being planned for families in a disaster / emergency and for a lot less than you would think

I just found out about this, the concept is actually a very good idea as long as every detail has been anticipated:

A new self-sustaining, non-currency, high security, private community being planned as a “go-to” for families and their pets in the event of an emergency / disaster. The community is based on a non-monetary economy.

Over one hundred and twenty-five plus highly secured acres are being considered to develop a new, self-sustaining, non-currency community for a number of families,
and by application only.

The community will include brand new ranch style homes that are fully furnished, fully applianced and fully equipped with all living and cooking essentials; turn-key and ready to move into in a disaster, including outdoor gas grills for BBQ, fire-pits, wood stoves for back -up and a generator for additional back -up.

During an emergency or disaster, the idea is for families to be able to simply pick up and leave for their safe, new community that is waiting for their arrival.

But it gets better …

Operated entirely through community members using their skills and talents within the community and for the community, no currency 
will be required for food, for housing utilities, repairs or medical need

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the houses and community will be operated by candles and lanterns. Electricity, water, heat, wood and gas for the generators are all freely provided to all within the community of which will also have its own infirmary.

Community members provide care to the large farm of livestock that will include
beef, pig, turkey, chicken a fishery and each member will grow their own vegetables on their own property and produce their own eggs. Approx 2.5 acres of berry brush are included in the plans as well as the care of certain fruit producing tree's.

The meat from the farm will be slaughtered and will be dispersed in generous pounds to each family on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, the community will boast a community center 
kitchen and    
indoor /outdoor community bar freely available and open to all adult community members.

The purpose of the “kitchen” is for members to be able to routinely replenish their own homes with toiletries, dry and paper goods when needed and will also consist of a field and aeroponic garden for canning of future supplies for the community if or when needed.

Schooling will be provided to the community also by community members, similar to home-schooling but with a larger group and with various grade levels, as well as recreational activities such as horse-back riding, a large playground, tennis, basketball, fishing, hiking, archery, a shooting range and weapons class and the community indoor / outdoor bar complete with expansive fire-pit for evening relaxing.

Additionally, respect for one another is the core belief of the community of which will also enforce a zero-crime tolerance through security provided by all community members as a team who will each as a team, serve one month in the revolving position.

The estimated one-time cost to purchase a brand new 2-bedroom starter home on
2 acres with everything included will be at or near $185,000
* All community members will also have the option of adding up to 3 or 4 additional rooms to their home with the help and resources of the community at any time and at no monetary cost.

Every single penny of the proceeds from the sale of the homes will be put back into the community for the construction of barns, water supply, livestock, supplies, housing supplies, heating etc.

If you are a family who wants to be home to raise your own family, who wants to put an end to the need for employment and the need for money to live, want to have a viable option in an emergency / disaster, and you believe in growing your own food and helping one another, this may be the community you have been looking for.

This community is not a religious organization, a group of survivalist, a cult, it is not operated by hippies or a new age movement, the community strongly and simply believes in respect for one another, respect for the sanctity of families, of helping one another and … preparedness.

With that said however, potential buyers should be prepared for the concept of  “neighbors helping neighbors”, on a much more private scale and to embrace the idea that it is not a “keeping up with the Jones’” atmosphere.

The community will be located on one hundred twenty five plus acre area but it is my understanding that it is planned to have less than 40 homes built within the expansive community.

Further, there are plans for elaborate security that include “3 lines” of carefully drafted defense and without the requirement for any electricity that is impossible to pass through or enter.

A website is currently in the process of being designed.

For more detailed and specific information, you can email