Thursday, April 20, 2017

Devils Breath disguised under religion

So, if you have read
“How does Devils Breath"powder" work?”

and you are having a hard time wrapping your head around all of this and the fact that it is right now being used in the U.S., I suggest you now learn about a little known and highly guarded Native American Secret Medicine Society in the U.S, who are known for having the ability to “steal” the soul from individuals while still alive, so as to cause insanity or death because of its direct relation to Devil's Breath.


It is now known by a select few, that these highly feared Native American Medicine men were actually using Scopolamine taken from plants to accomplish what was perceived by a lot of very scared people as a once impossible “mystical” feat.

Think about it, how can the soul of a man or a woman leave their body?

We know its always only through death that it can happen (although some may argue that Astral projection is the act of soul leaving the body for a short time) and yet here we have a particular group of "medicine men" who can remove the soul of a living person so as to cause insanity or death and usually done out of revenge (at that time)

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries these highly skilled and highly feared medicine men were hunted down by the U.S. and Canadian government for their profound ability and were considered a danger to society. 

But remember, it wasn’t known at that time how these special medicine men who had seemingly special powers were doing what they did to people.

For this, these special medicine men were put to death and some were placed into mental asylums. However, the ones who evaded capture and death, went underground to continue their evil practices until the 1970’s when they began to re-emerge.

Why until the 1970’s?

Well, we (as a collective in our society) do not know a lot about or have an in-depth understanding of Native American culture or traditions and would not know the difference between one Native American ceremony to another, a Native American “tradition” to another or most anything else Native American.

So, what happened was this; in 1978 the Native American Religious Freedom Act was passed.

On the surface, it appeared to be a pretty fair and un-bias way to acknowledge the religious rights of an entire culture living among us in our country.

However, we (again as a collective in our society) unknowing of traditions and practices of an entire culture, yet providing such freedom to practice their traditions and practices while living among us, did not consider if those traditions and practices could have any detrimental effect on us.

We basically meant well, we just didn’t anticipate that our ignorance could later be used against us.

Now consider this, read and absorb the following and then I will explain details further to you;

If we (as a collective in our society) do not know or understand the traditions and practices of an entire culture and we don’t know the difference between one Native American ceremony to another, a Native American “tradition” to another or most anything else Native American, for any group of Native American’s who wanted to take advantage of our ignorance

 ... it would be pretty easy for that group or people from that group to take a Native American practice that is not really “religious” in nature, and disguise it to us as being religious in nature, so as to fall under the Native American Religious Freedom Act. Right?

Which one of “we” (as a collective in our society) would know the difference?

To be fair, almost none of us would.

Why does it matter?

Well now, let me explain the details to you

If a Native American individual was to do what appeared to be a Native American
ceremony or tradition and asked you to join in, you being ignorant to their “customs”,
and wanting to be cordial or out of curiosity you just might join.

Who knows, maybe you've taken a sudden interest
in Native American culture. 

Unfortunately, little ol’ ignorant you would not know or have any way of knowing that the peaceful and very friendly appearing Native American that invited you to join their ceremony or tradition or offered to teach you some Native American traditions, is a medicine man or that he / she is from the highly guarded Native American Secret Medicine Society that you just learned about above.

Without knowing this, the “peace pipe” of so-called “tobacco” that he just handed ignorant you to ingest: could contain Scopolamine to intentionally catapult you into hell, of which if or when you are allowed to come out of, you will not remember or
 … come out the way you went in.

Yes, this is going on by some high ranking Midewiwin (not all)

You see, these special Native American medicine men, the ones who were previously hunted down, put to death and into asylums, some of them today publicly operate their “Midewiwin Secret Medicine Society” as a religion, despite that it is not a religion at all.

But again, “we” (as a collective society) don’t know any better, we don’t question things that we know so little about, and we likely believe that we will not ever be invited to a Native American ceremony anyway.

If you are one of the people who think like that,
let me tell you something else;

I know of at least three of these special Native American Medicine men who belong to the society and do to people what you just read above for various reasons and who are “whiter” than my aunts thighs and were each "adopted" into the culture. And, to avoid questions if they are asked if they are Midewiwin, due to being "white" they will tell you that they can't be Midewiwin. 

They won’t usually tell people that they belong to the society or that they are Midewiwin. 

Instead, they come to you as peaceful, friendly people who as scary as it sounds; also do a lot of work with disadvantage children and at risk youth.

Most frequently, they offer to “teach” Native American culture to you or as in the case of the children and youth: "as an alternative to traditional methods used in at risk youth facilities".

I will say this though; that if you get any hint that may elude to who or what they are,
it will be something said in passing that indicates “Algonquin” followed by “tradition” or “ceremony”.

Other infrequent times, they may say or admit that they go to a Midewiwin lodge for ceremonies, while denying that they are actual Midewiwin and knowing that you know nothing about Midewiwin anyway, and that anything you read online or elsewhere will tell you that its merely a religion handed down for hundreds of years.

Once they use Scopolamine on anyone for whatever evil reasons they have, no one will ever find out so they have nothing to lose.

Some say they do it for personal gain, some say they do it simply to change people into “new” people as the Native American *Seventh Fire Prophecy predicts and still some say they do it out of revenge for all of the injustices caused to all Native American’s for hundreds of years, as they did almost always as revenge prior to their persecution in the late 19th and early 20th centuries 

* Scroll down to the Seventh Prophet and is where you will read about "new" people 

The point is, they do, do it
and you don’t know about it.

To further help you understand, maybe you have heard about a “Rite of passage” previously used by a particular group of Native American’s (Algonquin) on young men of their tribe.

In this Rite of Passage, it lasts for 18 – 30 days and the biggest and strongest young men of the tribe were removed and placed into cages. The young men were then given “Wysoccan” to drink and would be catapulted into hell (the reason for the cages)
Wysoccan contains Scopolamine taken from certain plants.

The boys would be given this drink repeatedly from 18 – 30 days to intentionally cause them memory loss and delirium so that through confabulation (implantation sessions), they could be rebuilt into great warriors.

The Algonquin believed that by stripping away the boy’s childhood memories, the boys would be given new memories …that of being fearless.

These boys, once they were returned back into the tribe, would not remember their own name or even their own mother and their new memories were permanent, while their childhood memories were erased forever.

These young men would and will never know the difference, they would never know that their mind , memories and personality have been altered and despite that it likely goes against what we would do to our children, at the end of the day it is one of their traditions that we do not govern.

That being said, when it is used on us without our knowledge or permission to substantially and permanently alter our memories and personality, for revenge, is used on someone for someone else's personal gain or to coerce someone into committing suicide, then it becomes a weapon used to commit a crime.

You hear about people being arrested for using Devils Breath (Scopolamine) on people to rob, abduct and rape  and Two women robbed THIRTY men and Five held in Paris over 'devils breath' etc. etc. etc.  

Now think about this ...

When is the last time you heard of a Native American
pulling off a crime using a "Sacred religious plant" as the weapon?

When was the last time anyone researched what any one of the
Native American Sacred Religious Plants are or what they contain?

When was the last time you heard that
a Native American Sacred Religious Plant
was the same plant used to make Devil's Breath?

When was the last time you heard of or suspected a religious organization 
of committing crimes using Sacred Religious Plants?

How does "Devils Breath" powder really work?

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