Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Devil's Breath VS Burundanga ~ What is the difference between the two?

I frequently hear people refer to Devil’s Breath (Scopolamine) as the “Voodoo” drug 

when it is not and I'd like to take a moment to explain
the differences between the two ...

Both Devils Breath and the drug Burundanga contain the Tropane alkaloid “Scopolamine”, but let me clarify:

Burundanga is the “Voodoo” drug (usually in powder form) that is almost always used for long-term results.

It contains Scopolamine and is combined with other ingredients including the venom of a Puffer fish (to induce paralysis, slow heart rate and supress breathing) and is usually secretly administered to a victim by a Haitian “Bockur”.

It is used on a person to make them appear dead to family and friends ... and is usually used as revenge on a person who will be pronounced dead and will be buried, despite that the victim is actually alive.

Within 2 – 3 days the victim will be dug back up and given a dose of Scopolamine daily to keep the victim unaware, confused and with the result of total compliance. 

The purpose of this revenge is to make the victim live in a perpetual hell, as he is compelled to do the bidding of the Bockur including criminal acts and heavy manual labor (basically be a slave) until the day that the victim actually does die. 

NOTE: After some time, the Bockur will not need to continue feeding Scopolamine to his slave daily as the slave can and will be brain damaged into a permanent, compliant slave.

Devil's breath  on the other hand is a powder, herb mixture or liquid form of Scopolamine and is secretly administered in criminal, sometimes deadly doses.

Devil's breath is a drug unlike Burundanga that is most often used for a short-term period and is used to make a victim hand over his wealth and possessions through being compliant and confused.


A skilled criminal can use Scopolamine repeatedly on a victim for the purpose of abducting him physically and or mentally, to get almost identical, permanent and long-term results as a Bockur can get using Burundanga on a victim:

* Confusion
* Unawareness
* Compliance

* Permanent brain damage / memory loss 

In this scenario, the victim is used by the criminals for a purpose other than slavery:
they use him to obtain his wealth and in an irreversible, brain damaging manner that the victim will never recover from.

Devil's breath, which is usually associated with having it's origins in Colombia, does not actually originate in Columbia.

Only it's name "Devil's breath" does. 

The plants used to make Devil's breath are grown in Colombia but they also grow in the U.S. and other countries and have been used for hundreds of years by Native American's in the U.S. also for revenge on a person and to change the personality of individual

This is documented fact. (More here)                       

How does "Devils Breath" powder really work?

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