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I can almost guarantee that when it comes to Devils Breath (Scopolamine) the majority of the time, you have only heard of its use for robbery or rape and the victim is left meandering around for a day and wakes up somewhere in an unfamiliar place, unable to recall the previous 3 days.

But pay close attention to this ...

There is another crime by far, worse than the above example that Devils Breath is used for.

I'm going to break it down so that you have a clear understanding of what happens when this "NEW" White Collar Crime is accomplished on a victim.

Keep in mind, 
When an individual is poisoned with high, repeated doses of Scopolamine,they eventually suffer permanent memory loss and the brain, in automatic response to this, will confabulate (fill in the gaps)to compensate for the loss of memory.
This is how the criminals exploit the victims mind;through manipulated suggestion, and the victim will NEVER return to normal.

Now don't go and shrug this off believing that it can't happen, or that it can't happen to you. It can and if you make roughly over a hundred grand a year, own a successful business or hold a high ranking position, you are even more likely to become a victim. 

This "NEW" White Collar Crime is not only extremely detrimental to you, but will have life long detrimental effects financially, physically, your family relationships, friendships and business partners, in addition to the traumatic emotional repercussions those closest to you will suffer as is detailed in one of the books I have written:

"Scopolamine and A true U.S. family account of crime: The new white collar crime"

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This is what happens to the victims brain:


This happens in 3 stages ...

1st stage: Dissociative fugue
It is a rare psychiatric disorder characterized by reversible amnesia for personal identity, including the memories, personality, and other identifying characteristics of individuality. 
The state is usually short-lived (ranging from hours to days), but can last months or longer.

Dissociative fugue usually involves unplanned travel or wandering, and is sometimes accompanied by the establishment of a new identity.
After recovery from fugue, previous memories usually return intact, but there is typically amnesia for the fugue episode.

The 1st stage occurrs after a single dose of Scopolamine is administered and as you've just read, is a temporary state.

2nd stage: Psychogenic amnesia
It is defined by the presence of 
retrograde amnesia (the inability to retrieve stored memories leading up to the onset of amnesia), and an absence of anterograde amnesia (the inability to form new long term memories)

This means that new memories can be made 

Psychogenic amnesia can be ‘situation-specific’ or ‘global-transient’, the former referring to memory loss for a particular incident, and the latter relating to large retrograde 
amnesic gaps of up to many years in personal identity Psychogenic amnesia is supposed to differ from organic amnesia in a number of ways; one being that unlike organic amnesia, psychogenic amnesia is thought to occur
when no structural damage to the brain or brain lesion is evident

The 2nd stage begins to occurr within about a week and the way it is done without the victim knowing is by administering the second dose of Devil's Breath (after the initial dose) and while the victim is still suffering from Dissociative fugue usually within 2 - 3 days of the initial dose, thereby not allowing the victim to recover from the initial dose
or to recover from 
Dissociative fugue

Remember, at this point:

The victim outwardly looks and acts almost 100% normal to anyone observing him / her and the victim isn't aware that his "true" memory is on it's way to being permanently lost at this point because the victim isn't even aware that he / she is being drugged and that "new" information will replace his / her previous memories.

3rd Stage: Retrograde Amnesia
Commonly results from damage to the brain regions most closely associated with episodic and declarative memory, including 
autobiographical information.

In this case, its usually damage to the Basal forebrain and Hyppocampus areas.

Generally, this is a more severe type of amnesia known as global or generalized amnesia.
However, memory loss can also be selective or categorical, manifested by a person's inability to remember events related to a specific incident or topic

This is how pin-pointing particular memories is possible to manipulate and or erase by highly skilled criminals (more on that subject here)

In extreme cases, individuals may suffer permanent amnesia to the point that they completely forget who they are as frequently occurred with the “Wysoccan” ceremony ; a Native American 'rite of passage" meant to completely change a young man and to rebuild him into what the tribe wanted (a great warrior free from memory, fear and attachment to family) accomplished by using scopolamine containing plants as the major ingredient in Wysoccan.

Yes, what was in the Wysoccan was Devils Breath (Scopolamine)

The 3rd stage occurrs while the victim is suffering from Psychogenic amnesia and begins to happen anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks
of repeated administration of Devils Breath (Scopolamine),
usually in doses insufficient to kill(but can and does happen)

The end result is a "NEW" individual that emerges that doesn't realize what has happened to him / her.

The victim doesn't know that his mind and memories have been intentionally manipulated, doesn't realize that his "true" memories are gone, and due to manipulated confabulation (f
abricate permanent imaginary experiences as compensation for loss of memory), his mind has re-created memories through the help of the skilled criminals and the victim will defend his "new" memories, believing they are his "true" memories, despite what even his closest family members may say to the contrary (just as you will find in Alzhiemers patients)

Now before I get into why the criminals commit this extreme crime, let's take a further look at how Scopolamine does what it does to the brain so that moving forward, you will have an educated understanding of why Scopolamine not only can do the evil it is claimed to do, but also how it can do what it does, so that the next time you read an article that attempts to debunk "Devils breath", you will know better and can help another person understand it too.

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Acetylcholine is an organic molecule that acts as a neurotransmitter and greatly effects: Excitability, Inhibition & Decision making, among other things.

Acetylcholine synthesis involves various precursors, enzymes, and receptors, and dysfunction in these components lead to delirium. It is typified by fluctuating course, attentional deficits and generalized severe disorganization of behavior.

It typically involves other cognitive deficits, changes in arousal (hyperactive, hypoactive, or mixed), perceptual deficits, altered sleep-wake cycle, and psychotic features such as hallucinations and delusions.

Acetylcholine affects the ability of brain cells to transmit information to one another, and also encourages plasticity, or learning.

Damage to the basal forebrain reduces the amount of acetylcholine in the brain and results in memory impairments such as amnesia and confabulation.

Devils Breath (Scopolamine) blocks / prohibits Acetycholine 

This is why you hear that people poisoned with Devils Breath (Scopolamine) suffer a delirium, hallucinations, disorganized behavior, memory loss and act robotic etc. and can still outwardly look normal.

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Now lets explore the devastating results that happen when this crime is committed ..

During the three stages, the criminals take advantage of the victims disorganized thinking, organic memory loss and delirium. 

Upon the first stage, the criminals begin to take hold of the victim, using tactics like purchasing several cell phones so that they can remain in contact with the victim daily for ease of getting him / her to come back to them when ordered to do so (for coercion and for their next dosing) and so family will not see "them" on phone records should they look.

~ These criminals work in the shadows and undetected.

Picture your mind in the hands of a criminal
and you are completely helpless

Upon the second stage, the criminals begin working hard on manipulating their victim.

They get him / her to create a "NEW" identity in their own mind and to question everything about their former life and the people in it. 

At this time, the criminals begin to force the victim (through manipulation) to question the person most closest to the victim in his / her own mind, and eventually "pit" the victim against the closest person to the victim; business partner, lover, husband, wife etc. 

They basically take out the closest person and then they become the closest people to the victim, so that they can begin to take complete control of the victim and his finances.

This is why it is usually wealthy people, business owners or people in high ranking positions who are targeted.

Upon the third stage,
 the criminals have taken over the victim, the victim has seperated from the people formally close to him / her and has taken on a somewhat "NEW" identity.

The victom doesn't realize what has happened, email is infiltrated, bank accts are infiltrated and the victim begins signing legal documents.

Money becomes missing, the victim's life is completely taken over, but on the outside, it looks to everyone as if the victim is making the decisions of his / her own accord because the criminals are working in the shadows.

Through brain damage and confabulation, the victim will fight and argue strenously that his mind and memories are his "true" memories and that nothing is wrong with him, when family and friends begin asking questions, and because the victim is a consenting adult, there is nothing that family or friends can do about it even if they suspect something is wrong.

The victim NEVER returns to normal, family relationships cannot be repaired because the victim has been programmed to stay away from them permanently, and so the criminals are never caught. More on that here

In all fairness, it's likely that you won't read this information anywhere else.

The capabilities of Devils Breath have been known and have been around for hundreds of years, but have been highly guarded for a very good reason.

Because it has been guarded and so few know the truth, it has been very easy for people to dismiss or try to debunk it and mostly out of fear and ignorance.

Ignoring the reality of this insidious drug or the crimes its used for isn't the best of advice one can give, instead educate yourself and protect your loved ones.

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