New studies on Scopolamine (Devils Breath) prove what medicine men have known for hundreds of years.

If you have read my post “Devils Breath disguised under religion” and
“How does Devils Breath "powder" work?”

You’ll find this post to be interesting, yet somewhat alarming at the same time.

Some medical professionals are just now learning important information that has been known for hundreds of years by an entirely different culture, whom we share a country with; Native American’s. Which in itself brings me to circle back to “Devils Breath disguised under religion” and for obvious reasons.

Researchers (a relatively small group of them) have identified a mechanism that could explain the association between anticholinergic drugs (Scopolamine / Devils Breath) and the risk of dementia.

They have recently learned that blocking acetylcholine (Ach) – the same effect of (Scopolamine / Devils Breath) leads to changes very similar to those observed in Alzheimer’s disease of which most of know is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior.

They are hoping that by understanding what is happening in the brain due to the loss of acetylcholine, they can make progress to find new ways to decrease Alzheimer’s pathology.

The researchers found that this cholinergic deprivation resulted in a ten-fold increase in soluble amyloid-beta proteins – a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease – in the hippocampi.

Other changes include decreased levels of synaptic markers, increased neuronal death and cognitive decline, as well as several other age-related pathologies

The effects of these drugs (Anticholinergics: Scopolamine / Devils Breath), shows that decreasing the amount of Acetylcholine in the brain can trigger processes that lead to brain cell damage.

Further, these professionals do not even know if the results would be the same with both long and short term use. 

The problem here is this; how is it that medicine men who have been utilizing anticholinergics (Scopolamine) to intentionally and permanently erase the memory for hundreds of years be so far ahead of us with medicinal capabilities?
We are just learning this now?

Well, let me help you to get caught up and learn what else the medicine men know that you don’t know instead of waiting another 5 – 6 years
for the results of “new” research by our medical professionals,
to also determine the same thing that medicine men already know
and have also known for hundreds of years:

1. Anticholinergics (Scopolamine) cause memory loss

2. Anticholinergics (Scopolamine) erase memory (brain cell damage)

3. Anticholinergics (Scopolamine) cause confusion and unawareness of being drugged

4. Anticholinergics 
(Scopolamine) cause delirium

Anticholinergics (Scopolamine) cause Hallucinations

6. Anticholinergics (Scopolamine) can cause severe / wild aggression

7. Anticholinergics (Scopolamine), through memory loss, through manipulated confabulation, and because of confusion and unawareness of being drugged,
can be used to vastly and permanently change the memories, thoughts and personality of a human being very quickly in skilled hands.
More on that here 

This is not speculation, this is not an assumption, it is however fact and is based on hundreds of years of knowledge and experience that is unavailable to you.

I’m using this specific information for this post to demonstrate to you our ignorance of an entire culture whom we share a country with, as I wrote about in
“Devils Breath Disguised Under Religion”, and yet we have no idea of what we could and some are subjected to.

The ignorance or the fear that drives our ignorance runs deep in our country and this ignorance poses a huge problem because when the people who have become subjected to its use by the medicine men, who use it for evil purposes or by skilled criminals in our country, due to our ignorance, the victims are voiceless and the justice owed them is therefore silenced, buried and the crimes and destruction to families continue.

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